Strategic planning has begun: The “Strategist” event has started in War Thunder

Developers from Gaijin Entertainment announced the start of the event “Strategist“In online military action War thunderAs part of an event that will last until October 5, players will collect figures of soldiers and attack the enemy with them on the strategic map, and the reward for victory will be four new types of military equipment: the main battle tank Merkava Mk.3D, missile interceptor BI, frigate Lübeck and armored car Sd.Kfz.251 / 10

During the “Strategist” event, players will have to attack army figures, carry out sabotage at their facilities, break through the main defense line and capture secret documents, which are then exchanged for prize equipment. Resources and figures of soldiers for participation in the “Strategist” can be earned in regular battles in War Thunder.

As part of the “Strategist” event, players will receive the following types of military equipment as rewards:

Merkava Mk.3D – a late modification of the famous Israeli main battle tank, produced until 2003. It features a new smoothbore 120-mm cannon, a more powerful engine and new electronic systems, including a thermal imager and a laser warning system.

BI – the first Soviet aircraft with a liquid propellant rocket engine. This technology provides the highest acceleration, maximum speed and climb rate, but BI fuel only lasts for 2 minutes at full throttle. The aircraft was developed during the Second World War and was intended to repel a surprise attack by enemy bombers. BI never took part in the battles, but the experience gained during the development was useful in other projects of the Cold War era.

Lübeck – a Köln-class frigate launched in the 1960s. One of the first large warships built by Germany after World War II.

Sd.Kfz.251 / 10 – a modification of the famous and widespread German half-track armored personnel carrier of the Second World War, armed with a 37-mm anti-tank gun.

More information about War Thunder can be found on the official website

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