Steph gets started at the radio station in the Wavelengths Expansion Trailer for Life Is Strange: True Colors

Company Square enix and developer studio Deck Nine Presented Wavelengths Prequel Add-On Trailer For Upcoming Adventure Adventure Life Is Strange: True Colors

The add-on will be dedicated to Steph Gingrich from Life Is Strange: Before the Storm and tells about her early work at a local radio station as a presenter before the arrival of the main character Alex Chen in the city.

The events of the DLC will affect four seasons, during which players will immerse themselves in Steph’s daily life, having the opportunity to feel like a DJ and a music store manager. Also, players are expected to communicate with listeners of the radio station, play a board game, search for a pair through a dating application and other activities.

The release of Life Is Strange: True Colors will take place on September 10 at Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox one, Xbox Series, PC and Stadia, whereas the addition of Wavelengths will come out September 30th… Game version for Nintendo Switch will arrive in time by the end of the year.

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