If the above simulators were more about competition in Steep in the foreground is a journey through the Alps. Romance extreme winter sports. As if you went on vacation to Europe to ride on the slopes of Mont Blanc on a snowboard, fly off the top of the Matterhorn in the wingsuit or zip along the Tyrolean mountain range on a parachute.

We can not say that these and other upland recreated in the game carefully to each pine and tourist village. It is not necessary. The main thing that discern their similarities. Cursed peak , for example, the same steep, as in life, his deadly dangerous precipices he really terrifying. But the shelving in front of Monte Rosa – calls for a measured slip in the snow.

Regardless of the various tests and events, the player is not limited by Steep, allowing to begin the descent into the wingsuit, skiing, snowboarding and parachute from any accessible peaks vantage point or a hot air balloon . But first, all these points have to open, earning experience in competitions and exploring more and more hills.

Before you get from the first relatively low mountain Tête du Dana, in which no two thousand meters, to the monumental Matterhorn, more than twice its height, it will take time.

But the basic principle remains the same. Steep – it’s downhill, after which it is not necessary to raise their sleds back. Just move to the right place, and soon again rush downhill with the wind.

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And all this time, the game records your every action. Found a cool route? It can immediately be converted into the track. Somewhere flashed a particularly fast or a lot of stunt? Why not invite other to beat your score! Such simple possibilities push to research and experimentation. What happens if you slip out of that frighteningly steep slope?

And if you slip on the wingsuit through the hole in the rock or fly low over the houses? Steep built on the principle of “to entertain himself,” but can make sure that you wanted to have a good time here – not all of these games on a can.

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Harvested developers competitions also clearly show what to be this extreme and skier. Sometimes it’s just downhill at the time and gamesmanship, and sometimes the game offers to pass the test: make a mad jump skiing off a cliff and land on the roof of a house fly wingsuit at close to the ground or under high-voltage lines.

Even the virtual athlete’s achievements may be interested in film crew of a TV channel and invite him to play in a movie. And here you go, repeating the path and freaks stuntman, and in the meantime the announcer says that the mountain on which snowboarders ride, over mankind. Informative.

The main one, and the enemy that in the free mode that competition – the mountain slopes. On a flat surface, even at high speed ride is quite simple. But when the route skips on potholes hill, it starts a real slalom. Especially if you fly into the forest and struggled to dodge the trees, trying to avoid meeting with hot pine.

Now imagine all this in the first person. Jumping on a trampoline – breathtaking. Including “kind eyes” and began turning vane in the air, you know how difficult it is to carry them out in life – damn difficult to navigate and land on his feet. If developers still will add support for VR, it will be a bomb.

I really can not imagine what would happen in this game with my vestibular system.

Steep especially good in those moments when challenges. When the track runs along the rocky terrain, and you can not adapt to it, one wonders skill of computer opponents and the people of the leader board, which passed this test strip at a second faster than you.