The idea of the game is not new – climb higher but then slip quickly, without getting off the couch, could be more from the NES era and the first PlayStation.

You can remember which appeared in “Early access» Steam on the eve of the Winter Olympics in Sochi indie fun under the eloquent title of the recent projects of this genre Top SNOW (even more telling is the fact that it is still in beta test).

Ubisoft approached the case with the usual scale, behind the benefit had considerable experience in the form of Shaun White Snowboarding Published in the year 2008.

The scope of this turned out that it is necessary – the world scale is impressive at first sight. The vast highlands covered with snow, is divided into several areas. In each of them there are a dozen or two key points required to start in a particular discipline, many communities and various secluded places to find yourself.

The scale of the locations does not prevent the outside world to be quite beautiful. Removing the graphics settings to the max and choosing a good view, you can take a screenshot, which are difficult to distinguish from the real landscape of a ski resort.

Sunrises and sunsets, pine thickets and glacial boulders, the peaks of mountain peaks and ice ponds – all combine to make the game world is not only attractive, but also quite realistic.

Although it would seem, to something here to enjoy the surrounding area, especially when you go down on the next track with dazzling speed? Especially inspected once, but nevertheless sometimes remarkable landscape makes slow down and enjoy the great views of wildlife.

In the presence of the change of time of day, and it is possible at any time to change the day of the night, if you thought that this track here it would be better not pass under the blinding sun, and in the moonlight. At night its beauty the mountains do not lose, but a variety of snow storms and other weather effects at all, except a little snowfall and fog, and really did not meet.

Not enough as the wildlife and at least some movement around. Mountains pristine – no animals, no birds, no locals. All the villages are abandoned and tranquility broken only by a few fans of extreme sports.

A dozen or so attempts to pass only one route – a common occurrence.

But you can go on a free trip – nothing to limit the player in an independent study of the card. Possibility to ride wherever you want, and not only on a pre-prepared tracks, of course, is captivating.

Open World a really open and the number of different downhill options are limited only by your imagination. Given that of the vehicles, other than its own feet, accessible skiing, snowboarding, paragliding and wingsuit, the monotony of virtual extremals exactly safe.

faster than the wind

Of course, no one is alone with the mountains leaves the player let in Steep and can completely forget about the competition and to ride for fun, more interesting place by the developers of the road and perform a variety of tests and quests.

Assignments missing: there is regular competition at the time, anywhere you need to score the most points for tricks, somewhere – to pass all the key points on the track.

Find something for everyone it is not difficult: the presence of four different vehicles and test gives a decent selection.

Skiing and snowboarding – it’s downhill and freestyle, wingsuit – rapid flights on time and the accuracy of the passage points to the risk of crashing into rocks or trees (sometimes trails lie at the surface), and the glider – a leisurely journey through air currents.

There is still a fun mode “Bone Collector”, which will have to win as it should be put on the rocks from a great height.