SteamWorld Dig 2

The Image & Form team is in a state of grace and, after surprising us with the fantastic SteamWorld Heist and their strategic battles in turns, they take us back to the depths of the earth to once again enjoy an exciting adventure of action and pla


tforms. that improves, and much, seen in the remarkable SteamWorld Dig. Especially in regard to the design of the dark underground world in which we enter, much closer to the metroidvania conceptof what the original video game w


as. It is appreciated. There is a greater sense of adventure, of facing an epic journey into the unknown while enhancing the special abilities of Dorothy , a new protagonist, who must deal with untold dangers with the sole purpose of finding her faithful friend Rusty, the hero of the original.


The experience, without being especially novel, is incredibly fun thanks to the variety of challenges facing SteamWorld Dig 2


and, of course, its impeccable staging, with a waste of imagination in the design of the nice mechanical characters with the that we will meet during the trip. They are adorable !, but it is also their lines of dialogue are worthy of praise.


There is a lot of humor and wit in the way in which a story is toldthat acquires greater prominence than it had in the original, guiding much more clearly the steps of our heroine. Each meter of excavated earth, each new zone visited, involves finding new dangers


and enigmas that end up hooking you in a bad way until, like a sigh of almost 10 hours, which is said soon, complete the adventure with the feeling of have enjoyed an unforgettable trip.


Miners go the thing

Chop stone and search for treasures while fighting against lots of monstrous creatures. The playable premise of SteamWorld Dig 2 does not vary a bit with respect to what was seen in its predecessor but, as I said, it does show a great evolution in terms of the design of the underground world that we explore. From the first moment it is striking how wel

l the dungeon is structured, with secret areas everywhere and hidden passages that can only be accessed once you learn special skillsvery concrete as the mechanical fist, which will allow us to tear down walls, or the hook, which will give us the option to jump great distances with great ease. It’s the usual, yes; he does not invent anything new, but Imag
e & Form has done an admirable job of intelligently distributing all these challenges in such a way that the progression in the adventure feels natural, exciting, not at all forced. Even when you must retrace your steps to find precious treasures. You never get bored!


SteamWorld Dig 2 analysis

A fist capable of tearing down walls, a hook with which to reach distant areas, explosive arrows … they are not original, but useful and fun skills.

Taking advantage of Dot’s abilities is also really fun because, somehow, SteamWorld Dig 2 feels like a game of puzzles . It is not enough to chop rock and crush monsters, which is the main base! we must do it with a head, looking for a way to


access the territory of these beasts without losing the opportunity to collect the precious minerals with which, in the village, we will obtain the necessary gold to acquire improvements that will enhance the heroine’s special abilities. M


ore so. In this descent into the depths of the earth we will find special caveswhich are, in themselves, puzzles of increasing difficulty that require us to act in a somewhat different way than usual. It’s great because they break the routine but, unfortunately, there


are not as many as I would have liked. The same could be said of the end-of-phase bosses . There are, and fighting against them is hilarious, but they are few, very few, and in the end you are left wanting more.


SteamWorld Dig 2 PC

This new work of Image & Form does nothing but expand this great steampunk universe

Despite giving you the option to freely enhance Dot’s abilities and thereby modify the way you approach the action, in some mome

nts SteamWorld Dig 2 feels somewhat simple; you miss more elaborate challenges that really put you to the test. You will run into them, of course, but in general, this is a video game not especially difficultthat it points out very good manners, that it has extraordinary bases, but that it does not always get the most out of them. That is why, once the t
rip is complete, there are few incentives to return to a game beyond finding all the hidden treasures. A New Game + mode would have made it
great. In spite of it, really there are no excuses that are worth to let escape this videojuego. It’s a fun, ingenious action and platform adventure that engages from start to finish and knows how to constantly surprise new challenges.


SteamWorld Dig 2 PC

SteamWorld Dig 2

There is a good handful of collectibles, well hidden, that allow us to get some special improvements.

Surprise also the variety of locations you find underground, with colorful areas full of endearing characters. And I like to influence it b


ecause, if SteamWorld Heist was able to give life to a magnificent cast of nice robots, this new work of Image & Form does nothing but expand this great steampunk universe with mechanical beings, and other flesh and blood, to which is har


d not to take care. Their conversations, translated into Spanish, they are hilarious, intelligent, in such a special way that, irremediably, you end up e


njoying the video game with a big smile on your face. Ultimately it is what we all crave. I also remain with the subtlety with which the development team has refined the formula of the original, making this a more friendly experience without losing the opportunity to pose new challenges. It is a more and better in every rule.