Steam set a new record for the number of games released, but the flow is reduced

Starting in 2014, more and more games were released on Steam every year. 2019 was no exception, however, apparently, the digital platform from Valve has reached the ceiling for content.

Last year, Steam released 8,290 games, while in 2018 their number was 8,234. This is evidenced by the data SteamSpy (takes into account the output of non-game content, but not DLC).

Note that in 2014 there were 1,676 projects, in 2015 – 2,708, in 2016 – 4,409, and in 2017 – 6,339. It is possible that in 2023 a new record will not be set, but surrounded by slag and game flows garbage gamers breathe a little freer.

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