Steam sells a free program for $ 100 – review

Playnite Is a free open source program that combines the libraries of the main launchers (Steam, Epic Games Store, Origin, Gog, and so on) in one place to provide a single interface for all games of users.

On the official Playnite website, it is noted that the program is completely free, so no functions are hidden behind paid access. In addition, its source code is available under the MIT license, which gives users an unlimited right to sell copies of Playnite.
It was this feature of the license that the Steam user used under the nickname loongjinlong, who began selling Playnite in the store Valve for $ 100 (or one and a half thousand rubles for users from Russia).
The administrator of the Playnite forum noted that he was aware of the paid version of Playnite and that the user had every right to sell a copy of the program due to the MIT license. However, he is more concerned about the fact that loongjinlong might have embedded some malware. To test this theory, you need to spend $ 100 on a free Playnite, which he is not going to do.

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