State of Mind

And to expect, a plausible future.
The setting in which we will be immersed in the State of Mind is a great gathering of what the Old Testament literature of the last century has taught us, merged with the will to imagine the world in the most realistic way possible, chronologically translated in 2048.
Patents, grassy technologies, and a bit inventive are the basics of this adventure, in which Nolan’s protagonist will have to act to get half of the lost memories mentioned above.
Faced with the speed of technological development in 2017 and the roads already beaten for the future, it was painless to interfere with the reality proposed by the game. A reality in which, however, the protagonist, tied to a double thread with an analogical past lost in anyway, can not find himself, except for the forced coexistence with the work of daily journalist and who keeps him constantly in contact with the world in become.
So the developers made the first few minutes of play, which, with the initial movie, gave us an additional hand to contextualize not only the setting of the game, but also the real motivation of the action of the game characters.
State of Mind
Berlin, November 11, 2048 
Drones, probably in warlike form, attack the city; we will end up under their shots; we wake up a few hours later in the hospital to end up in the clutches of a doctor who insistently asks for information to make sure of the state of our memory. Much of it, unfortunately, has gone and between the confusion and the desolation that such a discovery may cause, we decide to go home to rest for a moment. However, we will not find our family waiting for us, but a robot in charge of helping us and (probably) controlling us.
Our wife is not there, she went to the countryside with her son and did not leave us anything written; Meanwhile, as we traverse the corridors of our apartment, a woman named Lydia, with whom we probably have a more important story than we expected, continue to call us.
In the end we answer and after a brief conversation of circumstance we find ourselves 7 days later with our friend Lydia, definitely not healthy, in what could be an infiltration in a building from the underground to discover a mystery, which at present does not we know the shapes. And so does the build available.
State of Mind
Some hesitation
A confused picture, which partially recalls the atmosphere of Deus Ex, but that it is distancing itself dangerously in the structure, for nothing action. A Daedalic style adventure in 3D, but above all marked by jigsaw puzzles, unlike classic ones, as they take advantage of the ability to move from one character to another in real time, up to a maximum of six.
The picture at the present time seems to be really catchy and interesting, it is a shame that during the events mentioned above we have constantly had to deal with heavy movements, with unclear controls and a general mechanics that, regardless of the state of the building, bringing the game in the right direction.
We could compare it to a literal transposition between the 2D and 3D graphics adventure structures, which are very successful in the environments, but embarrassed in the relationship between the character and the space in which it moves. Perhaps this is why we did not feel particularly involved in history, as we did with Pillars of the Earth , despite the excellent narrative premises that were put into play.
The same art design, exemplary in associating digitization of the world with the realization of raw screen polygons, makes it wonderfully on some faces, such as that of the protagonist, but stonewalls just as remarkable about others as that of Lydia .