StarCraft: Remastered, >observer_, Sonic Mania

StarCraft: Remastered

Developer : of Blizzard Entertainment’s
Publisher : of Blizzard Entertainment’s
platform List: the PC
August 14th on personal computers came out of StarCraft: Remastered , reissue of the first part of the famous strategy of the company of Blizzard . Nineteen years after the original developers offer us a complete visual and audio upgrade their space masterpiece, reinterpreted multiplayer and absolutely no change in the perfect gameplay.


Developer : Bloober Team
Publisher : Aspyr Media
The list of platforms: the Xbox the One, the PS4, the PC
August 15 went on sale a grim cyberpunk horror > observer_ from the creators of curious design the Layers of Fear . Poland, 2084. We play for the detective Daniel Lazarski, able to crack the minds of those he interrogates, and activate their most terrible fears. Bonus intriguing setting – the main character with the face and the voice of a famous actor Rutger Hauer.

Sonic Mania

Developer : PagodaWest Games is
Publisher : the Sega
platforms List: the Xbox the One, the PS4, Switch
On the same day the console visited the Sonic Mania , a new game about the adventures of the famous hedgehog Sonic and his friends.
Sega returned to the two-dimensional roots of the franchise, and released one of the best parts of the series over the past few years. Owners of personal computers also will meet with the famous hedgehog, but a bit later – on 29 August.

Agents of Mayhem

 Deep Silver Volition
 Deep Silver
Xbox One, PS4, PC
August 15 reminded of itself studio Game Developer Volition , released the shooter Agents of Mayhem . It is an offshoot of their universe Saints Row , the events which take place after the events of the fourth installment of the series and its addon Gat Out of Hell .
We are waiting for a fight of two secret organizations in the open world, and instead of the usual scenery of a fictional city Stilluotera we will explore a futuristic version of Seoul, the capital of the Republic of Korea.

Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth

РазработчикDaedalic Entertainment
ИздательDaedalic Entertainment
Список платформ: Xbox One, PS4, PC
August 15 the same to shops reached the first episode of Ken Follett’s Pillars of The Earth of the . It is an adventure game based on Ken Follett bestseller “The Pillars of the earth,” which the studio Daedalic plans to release in three parts. We send in the XII century, in the English town of Kingsbridge, where we will be able to relive the events of the book, and even change them, influencing key decisions of the protagonists.
Incidentally, the author of the book, and he became one of the game’s characters.


Developer : Housemarque, XDEV Europe Studio
Publisher : the Sony Entertainment’s Interactive has
platforms List: the PS4
August 16 released entertaining arcade shooter Matterfall . In the distant future, mankind has learned to design robots based on the alien substance “matter.” But, as usual, something went wrong, and now hired Avalon Darrow need to save the Earth from the Deranged glands that are killing innocent people. The project was released only on the PlayStation 4, a review of his visit to our website.


Developer : Batterystaple Games is, of Hose Fire Games is
Publisher : Batterystaple Games is
a list of platforms: the PC
And for fans of platformers on personal computers on the same day before the release of the long-awaited got 20XX – the spiritual successor of the Mega Man the X . It is a hybrid of platforming and rogue-like, where we offer one or with a friend to go through many challenging levels and bosses in order to save mankind. The project was almost three years in the early access, received rave evaluations media on game shows and finally released officially – with achievements and collectible cards.