StarCraft Remastered

Do not expect big changes in the visual or news at a playable level. The people in charge of Diablo and Warcraft have shown themselves to be faithful to the original material, proposing this remastering as what it is, the setting up of a classic so that new generations can enjoy it without complications. I think it’s great even though being StarCraft, I expected somethin


g more, especially when it comes to artificial intelligenceof the allied troops, who will make us suffer more than necessary because of their erratic behavior both during the battles, where it will be usual to see how they hinder their path; but also every tim


e we give the order to advance and they do not know very well what route to follow to reach the objective in the shortest possible time. This requires great attention, to control every movement of troops to the millimeter, which can frighten and frustrate in equal parts all those who have been brought up with the new strategy games, in which this kind of problems are no longer so usual


The return of a great classic

Blizzard’s maxim has been to improve everything they could “without modifying the heart of the StarCraft experience” and, certainly, they have fulfilled their goal. The sensations with this classic of the strategy are the same that in his day made us fall in love with his amazing space epic . There is excitement in the battles, tension in some of your most difficult combat

s, epic in the development of the story and a host of memorable characters that are still capable of stealing our hearts. Of course, the design of missions feels somewhat simple compared to that seen in more recent works, including the masterful StarCraft 2, and in certain aspe
cts, obviously, the classic has become outdated. It matters little given the enormous quality that this video game treasures, which is accompanied by its excellent Brood War expansion , which introduced new combat units and an almost perfect balance between the three factions in the battle. Even today the latter is surprising.


StarCraft Remastered analysis

Blizzard has introduced some additional scenes to expand the story of this classic real-time strategy. Your design looks great.

I am fascinated by how well Terran, Zerg and Protoss complement each other on the battlefield. Each army has its pros and cons, its way of facing the fight, whether it is overwhelming the enemies with countless waves of monsters, resorting to air power, the power of


the tanks, or the use of fearsome special abilities. And nothing better than the multiplayer to experience these duels with all of the law. In this sense, Blizzard has improved the search of games to make it much easier to find rivals of our level. There is another detail


that I appreciate. Now that the classic StarCraft is free, the Californian studio allows users of the remastered edition to compete against those who have in their possession a copy of the original, expanding even more the number of fans that at this moment can enjoy what, at the time, was one of the precursors of the eSport .


StarCraft Remastered PC

Small touches here and there that allow you to enjoy the classic again in good conditions

So crucial has been StarCraft for the video game industry. It is a legendary work, one of those titles that you must play yes or yes, if only to feel good about yourself and that you can say “I’ve played it!”, Although I assure you a couple of minutes will be enough with him to understand why, even 20 years later, it is still such a recommendable work. I insist, in some

aspects you notice the passage of time, and this remastering does not do much to solve it, but it’s StarCraft, and it’s pure fun. It also includes some details that surely will please especially the most veteran: you can select the campaign you want in
the order you prefer, there are quick keys and repetitions, and includes the option of saving in the cloud so you can continue your game wherever you go.


StarCraft Remastered

StarCraft Remastered PC

We can zoom in to observe in detail the battles … and also the graphic improvements that this remastering presents.

Small touches here and there that allow you to enjoy the classic again in good conditions. The graphics ? It is not a spectacular change but the redesign of troops, structures and the increase in resolution is appreciated, because even with that “old


air” that the game gives off, its bloody battles look really good, they have charm !, and it’s something that Blizzard has exploited very well. Does not this new appearance convince you? As in other remasters, in StarCraft Remastered you have the option to return to the original graphics at the touch of a key. Among the visual improvements, there are also new portraits for heroes and combat units, while at the sound level the videogame gains many in


tegers with the Spanish dubbingwith the same voices of StarCraft 2, or a remastered soundtrack that has won in presence, with some melodies that get you fully into the intense action of the game. It is not trivial this last one taking into account that, surely, you are going to spend many hours in front of the PC enjoying the exciting war between Zerg, Protoss and Terran. This is StarCraft, a video game that two decades after its launch, continues to raise passions.