StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void

The Void of the Legacy – the final part of the trilogy, which sets the point in the history of the space saga. At this time the familiar heroes must unite in the face of danger to all living things.

Lead the mission had the honor of the protoss. And no wonder: the god Amun pulled from the Void and captures their home planet Aiur. He subjugates protoss neural network, which is why they go to his side. The same happens with the hierarch of Artanis.

However, the glorious hero Zeratul sacrifice themselves for the common good and cuts neural “pigtails” hierarchy. Last quickly evacuated from the captured Aiur, acquires ship “Spear Adun” and begins the liberation war for their home planet.

The struggle with the god Amun becomes plot-motif, and therefore the focus of the narrative are not relationships of individual heroes, but the fate of the whole world. Kerrigan and Raynor catches a glimpse in passing several times – more for show than for the sake of participation in the events. More significant role played by Artanis advisors who took shelter on board, “Spears Adun.”

Dialogues are not very interesting to them: there is not easy cynicism Terran or Zerg exoticism. Talking too pompous, all of them imbued with “noble” pathos, so that after a while you start to miss them. However, a beautiful and soulful epilogue will add a touch of drama and play for a certain dryness of the storyline.

For Aiur!

If you’re new to the series and the paragraphs above seem to you a set of mysterious names, do not worry: before the start of the campaign, you can view a short video that tells in detail about all the important events of StarCraft 2 .

The same applies to the mechanics – the campaign will explain the basics of the game to the player for the protoss, the principles and the ability bazostroitelstva troops.

Despite dullish story, “single” was a success: a lot of bright spots, a variety of tasks and conditions, ample opportunity to complete their own army …

Mission here for every taste – and standard strategic level with the base of detuning, and “walk” the heroes, and protection when it is necessary to hold a certain time. During the breaks we can not only communicate with colleagues, but also to improve your army.

StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void game review

In crowded but not mad.

As you progress through the story, we will discover new types of “units”. Interestingly, the protoss on the script is divided into several nations, each of which has unique types of troops. Therefore, we will be able to independently equip its army, by soldiers available to us from several options.

Each of them has its own abilities that can be beat in conjunction with other fighters. For example, the role of the infantry claim zealots capable of rotating destroy enemies, and centurions, breaking through the allies of the enemy. In the later stages, and will open a third candidate. Many types of troops, and the army depends entirely on your preferences.

In addition, during the execution of the main missions the player will receive additional tasks, through which you can earn valuable resource Solari. It is designed to improve the “Spear Adun” and spent on the unique abilities. The more valuable skill, the more resources should be allocated.

Bonuses “Lance Adun” pretty significantly affect the gameplay. During the game, we gradually accumulate energy. Upon reaching a certain level, you can activate the ability, acquired earlier for Solari: powerful orbital strike will destroy an entire enemy base; call reinforcements great help at an early stage; burly Phoenix alone would deal with dozens of enemies. At a high level of complexity new mechanics has become an important factor that you need to keep in mind.

Although Blizzard has paid great attention to the single player campaign, telling us entertaining, filled with a variety of colorful rolls story, consider its worth as a good supplement to that for which people play of StarCraft , – to the multiplayer. “Single” can not even claim to be a full workout, as equipped in its own way the protoss army will be radically different from what the user will meet in a classic PvP.

StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void game review

Immediately clear which race is the most developed.

Legacy of Blizzard

threshold of entering the multiplayer is really high and you need to spend a lot of time to fill out and understand the “Mete» of StarCraft 2 .

Benefit in Legacy of the Void developers think about the comfort of newcomers entering multiple entertainment modes. Thus, the co-op players can jointly carry out tasks such as the destruction of some “units”. Before the operation you need to choose one of six characters. As participation in the battles of characters earning levels that bring them new skills. The cooperative gives a rather unusual experience for a series based on the “bleeding” of heroes.

In general multiplayer battles remained the same. And no wonder, because BlizzardIt managed to create a well-balanced mechanics.

Nevertheless, the authors have made some changes, such as increasing the number of workers at the start, and also added a pair of new “units” in each of the races, which will undoubtedly transform the existing tactics. So, to the Zerg are back attacking from the ground lurkery and protoss got very mobile adherents able to teleport.

Another rather strange, but it is suitable for novice mode – “Archon”, in which the two allies controlled by one base. Strongly recommended to play with strangers, as in this case more than likely a conflict over policies inconsistencies, plans and ideologies in general.

But another possible division of responsibilities: for example, one will attack the enemy, while the other is engaged in the management database. All this will help those who have not yet brought the army to control the motility of automatism.

StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void game review

The cooperative game mechanics to the usual strategic added characters.