The great virtue of the video game created by Chucklefish is that when you thought you had seen it all BAM !, suddenly a new challenge is planted before you: a new world to explore, more monsters to fight against, new mysteries to solve, more options to create and build what you want and, ultimately, more than everything. That it is. Presented in its origins as t


he spiritual successor of the popular Terraria with which, certainly, it shares many elements in common, Starbound takes its action to a much greater level, because it gives us full freedom to explore the confines of the universe aboard a ramshackle ship space . Ready to tell your own story? Surely it is worthy of amazement.



Towards the stars

If you’re wondering what you can do in Starbound the quick answer would be everything!, Because this video game does not seem to have limits. Draw before you a large blank canvas on which you can work with complete freedom doing what you want: from digging and digging to reach the core of an unknown world, to build sumptuous mansions, modern r

esearch centers, or even labyrinth dungeons with dozens of passages to confuse unwanted visitors. You will chop rock, cut down trees, hunt animals, collect food and, in short, collect all kinds of resources and raw materials with which you
will later design new weapons, vehicles, traps, construction parts, work tools and even special equipment with which to survive the inclemency of the weather.


Starbound analysis

Do you like challenges? Survival forces you to look for food; it also punishes death with the loss of objects. Is not sufficient? Hardcore mode is for you. If you die, the game is over.

Starbound is a colossal video game , it does not seem to have an end, but in reality it does; There is a background story with very specific missions and objectives that will lead us to face an ancestral evil that threatens to destroy the entire universe. We can


go directly for them, complete one by one all the main missions … or we can also let ourselves be carried away and enjoy calmly the action fulfilling secondary tasks, or simply hanging out in any of the hundreds of worlds that are always generated in a way random You command; you write your own story and that is what we like most about the game.


Starbound PC

If you’re wondering what you can do in Starbound the quick answer would be everything!

Whatever you do, you’re going to have a great time because there are always new challenges to face, new nonsense to entertain yourself with, building impossible buildings, recruiting crew for our spacecraft, which we can also improve, or simply exploring new ones. horizons. It is not small thing. There is such a variety of planets, and so many mysteries to be solv

ed, that it will be hours before the feeling of fascination disappears completely that will take you forward with an unusual passion. Every world you visit, every encounter with a new creature is a unique, memorable experience that gets to thrill.



To create most objects you must use several work tables that you can improve to discover new recipes. It is an exciting process but it is not fully explained.

The design of the main missions is also commendable. They are fun, varied, challenging and in some cases, even very original. It comes to mind the fight against an army of super intelligent primates that … well, you better discover it for yourselves.

The point is that Chucklefish has done his homework well, breaking, in many cases, the monotony of this kind of sandbox adventures, posing challenges that are out of the ordinary. And there the bosses come into play.

They are pure spectacle; at times they have reminded us of the mythical final enemies of games like Mega Man, which says a lot in favor of Starbound. You have to learn your attack routines, constantly dodge their attacks, aim well at the weak point … and so on again and again in a series of truly epic battles.


Starbound PC

Pity that the sensations with the combat , outside these confrontations, are less positive. At our disposal we have an arsenal of weapons absolutely spectacular: we have from swords, axes and spears to pistols, rifles, lasers and even explosives; not to mention other more original tools that include special skills such as teleportation to name just one of many. The issue


is that by the design of scenarios, usually fights on very irregular surfaces or in tunnels where it is difficult to move freely, and due to some inaccu


racy in the controls, fights against minor monsters can be somewhat frustrating at specific times. They are not bad, nor do we want to understand that because each creature behaves in a different way and before them, you have to fight following a certain strategy, it is not worth going crazy.



There is such freedom of action and so many tools with which to work that if you are imaginative, you can create environments like this. What a past!

We also miss a more intuitive user interface . Sometimes inventory management can be a real toothache and that, in times of maximum tensio


n, can be expensive because the action is not paused; the enemies will take advantage of the minimum to attack us. In this sense, Chucklefish does not do much to explain in detail the many possibilities of Starbound game. Yes, t


here is a kind of tutorial and yes, during the first missions they take you by the hand so you can learn the basic ins and outs. But not enough! Those who are not familiar with this class of video games will suffer more than the account trying to learn ho


w to make new weapons, how to convert certain raw materials into objects of greater value or, in general, how to survive the many dangers lurking in the shadows. In the end, by force and pulling Wikis, you will learn; but it was not necessary to make things difficult. The video game is already by itself.


Starbound PC

The fear of the unknown, not knowing what creatures are waiting in the gloom, motivates you to look for better weapons and equipment. And it’s a fantastic experience

Something similar happens with missions. Sometimes his description is so vague that you do not have quite clear what you should do. They send you to look for some artifacts, but they do not indicate where they are beyond “underground”. We decided

to dig, to chop stone until we reached such a dangerous area that we died instantly. We were not prepared and worse, it was not necessary to d
escend so much! That it is true that this kind of disaster is the grace of Starbound. The fear of the unknown, not knowing what creatures await in the gloom, motivates you to look for better weapons and defensive equipment with which to protect you from such dangers. And it is a fantastic experience.


The feeling of progression , of knowing that step by step you are better, that you have power even to colonize an entire world, is priceless. When we created special suits to survive the intense cold or the extreme heat of the depths of the earth, or better yet,


when we shaped a suit with which to breathe under the sea, we felt like gods. Before us new horizons opened, new adventures to live and share with friends. That is another. Although solo is a fun experience, when you really enjoy Starbound is when you enjo


y your multiplayer. It is another story. The battles are more exciting, also more fun; and what to say about the construction. There is nothing like seeing several players collaborate in the construction of a great fortress that would be the envy of anyone.



Starbound and the mods Do not you have enough with everything that the premiere videogame offers? Starbound also supports mods so that fans, with the passage of time, incorporate new missions, more alien races with which to intera


ct, new objects, dungeons, planets and endless tools and aesthetic elements to customize our home. This is just the beginning!

Here it is inevitable not to stop to talk about the graphic section of Starbound, which opts for a pixel art style of great quality that surprises, above all, for the enormous variety of worlds in which we enter. There are of all types, and within each p


lanet, we find several biomes with their own particularities. Even when descending under the earth we find environments of the most disparate, some so surprising that we better let you discover them for yourselves. The fact that everything practically all the content is generated in a random way reduces the showiness of the whole, it does not rea


ch the level of preciosity of other games of retro aesthetics, but in general lines the work of the artist Finn Brice, who in the past also worked at Terraria, is quite good. The same could be said of the soundtrack . Is fantastic; It offers a wide variety of melodie


s that adapt precisely to the action. There are paused subjects, with a certain nostalgic air, and others more cañeros, ideals to recreate the fights against jefazos. So good is the music composed by Curtis Scheweitzer, that without noticing you in more than one occasion you will see yourself humming some of their songs.