Star Wars Yoda’s Real Face Revealed and Shocked by Fans

One of the most famous and popular characters of the science fiction movie saga “Star Wars”, Master Yoda, was shown as a person. The appearance of the hero shocked fans of the franchise.

A Star Wars fan with the nickname OllyWrites posted on Twitter an image of the Jedi Master Yoda with human skin, reports. The popular green character in this image was very strange. “I saw it, and so you should,” wrote the author of the publication. Fans liked this idea. However, for many of them, this option seemed more similar not to Yoda himself, but to characters from other popular franchises. Some spotted a goblin banker from Harry Potter movies in it. To others, he reminded the hobbit Bilbo, Uncle Frodo. Some also thought that Yoda was a man similar to the politicians Jeff Sessions (Jeff Sessions) and Donald Trump (Donald Trump).

It turned out that Yoda in the image of a person was created a long time ago, reports. The Italian artist Andrea Eusebi worked on it. He made several options for the Jedi Master back in 2012. Many Star Wars fans then skipped this job. Now she has attracted attention due to the increased popularity of the character. Yoda was again remembered when a child of his race appeared on the TV series Mandalorets, whom the audience called the baby Yoda.

Yoda first appeared in the second film Star Wars. Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back in 1980, and in the next installment he died at the age of 900. In the original trilogy, Yoda was presented as a doll. In the prequel trilogy, the younger Yoda was portrayed using computer graphics.