Star Wars senior designer quits Respawn to work on new Xbox Series X exclusive

Senior designer Respawn Entertainment Justin Perezwho worked on an adventure action Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, left the studio this month and joined the team The initiative to the same position.

About the transition of Peres from EA at Microsoft it became known after he updated his profile on the job site LinkedIn, indicating in the resume a new place of work. Previously, the developer worked at the studios BioWare and Treyarch.

The Initiative is a brand new Microsoft studio, founded by the company in 2018 to create AAA Exclusives at Xbox and PC. In July, the American platform holder will host more Xbox Game Studios games for the non-x-ray console Xbox Series X, and it is entirely possible that we will finally find out what the Initiative has been actively working on for the past two years. According to rumors, this may be a restart of the franchise. Perfect dark.

The head of The Initiative is a former head Crystal Dynamics Darrell Galahar. Under its roof, the new studio has gathered and continues to gather experts from leading gaming teams in the industry, including Rockstar games, Sony Santa Monica, Naughty dog, Insomniac games other.

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