Star Wars Battlefront II

What we can talk about is the Infernal Squadron , and its leader, Commander Iden Versio, to whom the actress Janina Gavankar lends her voice and face. As a member of an imperial special forces unit, her missions will lead her to balance the balance in favor of the Empire, and to crush any Rebel threat that has the audacity to cross her path.

The development of the plot is certainly squared , and, although this single-player mode includes some playable mechanics not present in the other modes -sections of stealth and infiltration, stealthy takedowns-, it does not come as a surprise. He fully fulfills


his role, and the effort is appreciated, although little else; it does not go beyond. As a piece of extra lore for the fans it is really good , and even more so if we consider the more than imminent release of Episode VIII , since in a certain way this Campaign mode acts


as a tie-in. On the other hand, the user who does not control much of Star Wars will run into more questions than answers , as many things are taken for granted.

Star Wars: Battlefront II (PS4) screenshot

Unlimited power

On a visual level, Star Wars Battlefront II is a true wonder . In this respect, it is very much in line with its predecessor. The recreation of both the weapons, as the scenarios, characters, armors, and other elements of the entire Star Wars universe is very, very reliable. We still have a title that knows what it does, and what is done, as far as fidelity to the original source is concerned. In fact, the characters of the video game based on their homonyms from the movies are practically 1: 1. And if you think that the in-game models are good, wait to see them in a computer generated scene .

With respect to performance, we must clarify here that we have played this title on a PlayStation 4 Pro console, platform in which we have not noticed problems in issues such as the rate of frames , much merrymaking, explosions, and smoke that would be on screen. And this both in the Campaign and in the multiplayer modes, in which, we remember, can wax up to forty players in two teams of twenty. Without being a Quake , the title of EA DICE is fast and he lets himself play pretty well.

Star Wars: Battlefront II (PS4) screenshot

The purely artistic is not far behind with regard to more technical aspects, although it is true that here the merit is more in the original sources than in what can be added in an original Battlefront II . We speak here, therefore, of trustworthy recreation , which helps immensely in the topic of immersion. In fact, we can play both first and third person most of the time, regardless of whether we go on foot or in vehicles. The internal cameras of the space fighters will make the fights more exciting, yes, in the same way that there will be those who prefer to play as infantry in subjective perspective; although if we talk about utility, the third person is more reliable because we are more aware of the environment that surrounds our avatar in the game.

We have not detected serious problems in the technical , although it is true that this shooter sins both clipping , popping , and some other load of late textures. Elements that do not affect, ultimately, the playable. Although another that has led to some stupid death and that has made us pull our hair is the subject of collision detection: some hitboxes , especially in space fighter modes, should be calibrated better . In Castilian: we died by collisions with elements of the stage when we saw clearly that there was no collision. And believe us when we tell you that it is one of these things in which you notice when that death is due to your own ineptitude, and when not.

Star Wars: Battlefront II (PS4) screenshot

The interface is terse and sober. We are shown, in most cases, the right and necessary information. Although perhaps it could be optimized by redistributing the different elements that make it up since sometimes, in pursuit of the show and the player has more than clear how well he is doing in a game, the signs of gust of falls and others can hinder slightly the action.

I am the Senate

The sound section is, how could it be otherwise in a game of Star Wars , worthy of praise. For starters, the title is not only multi-language , so it can rain to everyone’s taste, but also, in the original version has been several of the original voices as Daisy Ridley, or John Boyega. In the dubbing of Castilian, for its part, it has also tried to respect as much as possible the actors of dubbing the films. The result is, in both cases, outstanding.

Star Wars: Battlefront II (PS4) screenshot

Repeats Gordy Haab as a composer in Battlefront II . The magnificent work he did in the previous title left the bar very high, yes, but here he returns to surprise with a soundtrack whose production values ​​and general quality are very, very high. Much of th


e immersion in the game, in fact, lies in the sound section. It is quite an experience to put yourself in the skin of a rebellious soldier or one of the


Empire – your choice – while the blaster shots whistle around our character while in the background sounds a great song of the movies. If you have the chance, Star Wars Battlefront II is worth playing with decent helmets .

Your weakness is your overconfidence

As you well know, the most important part of a title is its playable component, and Star Wars Battlefront II is no less. Broadly speaking, the gunplay works well , is solid, and the fact of including a class system together with an internal economy in which we choose what type of troop or vehicle we want to reappear is a good idea very well executed . Nothing to do with the ch


aotic and, at times, random that could sometimes be the previous game. It should also be mentioned here that, on this occasion, each weapon acts more in accordance with its type with respect to the first Battlefront, mainly in terms of recoil and rank. Of course, we w


ill skip here to go into more specific details regarding the multiplayer modes to avoid repeating ourselves. Instead we invite you to visit this link , where we talk exhaustively about this aspect of this title. In short, know that the Battlefield formula works like a charm here, ignoring some elements such as the patrol system. Never before a video game of Star Wars had been so immersive for a thousand and one compelling reasons, and that the bar was very high.

Star Wars: Battlefront II (PS4) screenshot

With everything and with this, we also think it convenient to add that the in-game score system is not arbitrary , we understand that by rewarding the new player and not frustrating the smallest setback. The feeling that we are rewarded excessiv


ely for trifling actions that, to begin with, should not even be paid for is there, and perhaps a better balance should be applied to prevent this mechanism from being abused.

We illustrate you with a brief example. A game of Pop , which would be the Team Deathmatch of all life. We do spear point, and we crossed with two enem


y players in a corridor, which we hurt from a couple of shots. They end up killing us, but for assistance and hurt bonus, we get 544 points . We already have half a way to reappear like a soldier with a jetpack, which has an incredible mobility and can dominate the g


ame if you know how to use it and get it out soon. What has been said: it is a system to be revised and it is susceptible to be exploited in order to unbalance the items.

Star Wars: Battlefront II (PS4) screenshot

Changing the third; Although this  Battlefront II brings with it an offer of levels and modalities of game more than respectable , its main attraction in this respect is the one to understand the game as a service, since it will be adding content for free with the passage of time . All this following the line of what has already been seen in others such as Overwatch , or Rainbow Six Siege .


Well by EA DICE and, above all, by the users. In fact, it is known that in the face of the premiere of The Last Jedi , there will be new heroes like Captain Phasma and Finn , and a couple of more levels. It has been stipulated that the new content will go “seasonally” .

Another aspect that has given much to talk about, and that has caused Electronic Arts to rethink its position on the subject to the repeated complaints of use


rs is the issue of loot boxes , linked, in turn, to a system of micropayments , and unlocking characters . Things have changed a lot since the multiplayer beta last October, so we’ll try to catch up.

Star Wars: Battlefront II (PS4) screenshot