Star Wars Battlefront

“Your lack of faith is annoying.” 
Darth Vader

It has been more than two years since EA showed the world a teaser that raised the temperature of the video game industry. SAYS , the makers of the Battlefield


saga , were developing the new installment of Star Wars Battlefront,a mythical license that seemed to have fallen into oblivion. Two and a half years have passed


since that first teaser, and finally the massive action game set in the war of the galaxies is now a reality this coming November 19. A title that wants to offer the essence of Star Wars and the battle touches of scale that EA DICE has known for years impregnate their games.


The final result is maybe not the FPS of the year, but a very firm and strong bet that convinces to maintain the essence of what we could all imagine a reboot of these characteristics: A Battlefront … of the creators of Battlefield.

capture_de_pantalla_de_battlefront_luke _-_ 171115_1.17-2.jpg screenshot

There were few seconds and you could barely see anything, but the 2013 teaser was pure hype for all the players. The third iteration of the


Battlefront saga was a reality in the form of reboot. In the hands of a company like DICE, experienced in the genre of action, a decision that many thought was right. When Disney was made with Star Wars as a license there were many doubts about what would happen to the videogame branch. When this happened at the hands of

EA could present a myriad of scenarios. Undoubtedly, that Battlefront came back to life and did it under the umbrella of the Battlefield parents


seemed a wise decision. A year went by with hardly any news until the arrival of another trailer. We knew that Hoth and the Moon of Endor would be playable, also the date coinciding with theAwakening of the Force. But little more.

Star Wars: Battlefront (PC) screenshotcapture_de_pantalla_de_battlefront_videoreview _-_ 17_11_15_8.38-2.jpg Screenshot

Pure gameplay we did not see until this 2015. And the thing looked really good. We were not few who simply hallucinated with what we were seeing in the videos that were beginning to filter. It was like being inside the Star Wars films, with a


great deal of detail and an artistic section faithful to what we live in the original trilogy of Lucas. After the discovery of what was ahead, the beta would arrive, which allowed us to test two of the most important modes of the game and showed several considerations to consider. The first, that we are not facing a demanding shooter as we have seen in


the DICE itself or in other related games. We are facing a title that aims to be accessible to a wide spectrum of players. And this does not have to be bad per se, but it is something that must be taken into account. The second, a great will fanservice.


The Star Wars fan has to feel at home. To be able to shoot with the blasters, to be a hero at some point, to carry some AT-TS and if you can, to fly in an X-Wing or a Tie Fighter.That seems to be the main objective of the title. And that works. But not in everything.