Star Wars Battlefront 2

The Star Wars Battlefront II campaign had been teasing us since Madrid’s trial, mainly for two reasons: the overturning of the narrative
point of view and the belonging to the canonical saga represented by the films. The pieces we interpret are those of Iden Versio, Special Forces Special Forces of the Empire called Inferno Squad, and Admiral Garrick Versio’s daughter, in charge after the death of the Emperor during the defeat of the Second Black Death.
We will take part in the attempt to get rid of the Rebels in the vicinity of Endor, with the aim of recovering an imperial code needed because the ambush on the planet’s moon to disable security shields may have an effect. In fact this is not enough to st
op the victory of the rebellion, and our landing on Endor becomes the pretext for seeing us from a safe point to the explosion of the space station. This leads the protagonist to a feeling of revenge that will accompany him in the events th
at will involve him from here on.
We will not go further in the premise, because getting lost in details about the future of Iden and its submissions within the Hell Squad would fall into a spoiler that, considering the only five hours needed to complete the adventure, would really be not pleasant.
Star Wars Battlefront 2 Review

In a distant galaxy

In general, we can say that the trip between the Star Wars environments , facilitated by the meeting with many members of the saga also in the form of perspective change, has largely convinced us. As we have seen so far, it has led us to a greater understandi
ng of some of the neuralgic points between the sixth and sixth episodes, but without analyzing them in detail and leaving ample room for imagination and any rediscovery work that we may find in other places.
Some situations are certainly more successful than others, but the average level, aided by a screenplay in fast-paced and impacted moments, is definitely high. There was no point in disappointment in seeing an excessive banalization of the development of some characters, w
hich would instead benefit from a few more chapters than the thirteen current ones reserved for the campaign, to find greater completeness. Fortunately, we know that the first season of content available from December 5 will be free and will expand the narrative plot with new parts, leaving us a bit of curiosity about the developments it could take.
Anyone consider a Star Wars fan should definitely make sure to approach the game, or at least inquire about the story-line, to complete their own notions about the series until a future film study. Not for nothing, the backbone of the campaign structur
e is characterized by an abundant number of cutscenes, of a quality that demonstrates the desire to make Star Wars Battlefront II as close as possible to what is known by the movies.
Star Wars Battlefront 2 Review

It will not be an adventure

During the game missions we are asked to dress not only Iden Version but also the various heroes we learned during the original Star Wars trilogy. Of the first we can change equipment, weapons and abilities distributed on four key combinations repres
ented on the bottom right, while the seconds we will have to play it exactly as we are proposed. All of this is developed in game sequences and maps that take inspiration from multiplayer games, but accentuate the linearity of progression. Vehicle and road sections alternate with each other at a fast pace, so that at some moments there
will be almost seamless solutions. The targets are then signaled by an indicator with relative distance, but many times due to the
simplicity of the design level, following them will only be a formality.
The difficulty is not particularly high at the normal level, but it rises to the difficult one, especially because of the number and accuracy of t
he enemies. At the same time, we have witnessed an ever-aggressive artificial intelligence, often alert to enemy fire, though sometimes obtuse in trying to advance through the front.
The overall feeling is to g
et in front of a demonstration of the gameplay of the game solidly embedded in a narrative structure more interesting than expected, not so much for the Iden Versio parable, but for the journey at times unsuspected in the post-episode VI.