Star Story: The Horizon Escape

more than twenty different endings, numerous narrative fork, the ability to solve problems by force or the world – no, it’s not about the next game from BioWare and Obsidian .

It’s about Star Story: the Escape of The Horizon , the debut project of the Moscow studio EvilCoGames , which is still before the release received several prizes at exhibitions and “shot” on Steam.

Star Story: The Horizon Escape game review

Many endings lead to the death of the hero, and it is even more stimulating to look for other options.


The power of words and the power of weapons?

In keeping with its name Star Story: The Horizon Escape tells the story unfolding among the stars. Space traveler and archaeologist Wang Click with holographic AI assistant Verdanoy went on his boat to the mysterious planet horizon, but crashed and now can not just fly away from here – we are together with them to find a way out.

All further adventures are designed in rich text format quest. Van Clicking moves on the surface of the planet left to right, and at every step faced with different situations that require this or that decision.

He meets bandits, Aboriginal, “martial shrimp” norovyaschih hurt him, strange personalities trying to remotely scan Wang clique, and so on.

And in each of these situations there are at least three variants of behavior – use of force, skill or innate charm and friendliness.

Attack the natives, I try to sneak past or talk to them, using a portable translator? Strongly jump on unfamiliar territory or first carefully look around? Bot hack-guard with the “hack-virus”, to use the master key or a good hit him? The mass of options, and even events often repeated, so many of them that sense of sameness is still not there.

The consumption!

In fact, the choice has to be guided not only its own character and a tendency to a particular behavior, but also the fact that you are (or is not) in your inventory.

All these “hack-viruses”, the master key and translators, as well as a weapon (gun, knife and grenades) are consumables and have to end property. And if the charges in some ognefaznom blaster there are very few, it is better to avoid fighting, acting more gently and peacefully.

Star Story: The Horizon Escape game review

That’s what happens when you let someone get into your brain!

After the creation of all things different types of resources are needed, we all the way to collect or receive as a reward, – oil, sulfur, iron, carbon.

Particularly intensely with weapons – for its production need more and rare drawings. Overall, therefore, the game itself is more inclined to search for peaceful solutions.

Choose, explore, create

Yes, Star Story: The Horizon Escape to the basic mechanics of the quest text screwed fashionable elements of strategy and survival.

At Van clique has its own database where it can virtually teleport at any time. There we are, first of all, study the technology in three main branches – military, research and support. And they are directly connected again with the way we behave in different situations.

The more often acting force, the higher the skill and determination the more advanced military technology can study.

The high level of resourcefulness allows tinkering various useful devices like skeleton keys, EM grenade and shield modules, giving the hero’s armor and protection, thanks to the friendliness you’ll be able to do not only bandages, but the full kit.

A separate item necessary to study technologies to recycle waste more useful resources (copper, iron, carbon) or make of all this some metal parts, solutions, condensates and shock elements, which are used when creating a particularly powerful “cannons” shields and grenades.