Square Enix has a blueprint for a sequel to Final Fantasy X – FF X-3 – review addiction

Fans Final fantasy x may see the continuation of the cult role-playing game – the odds are “over one percent,” as original designer Tetsuya Nomura noted.

We have a synopsis for X-3 from Kazushige Nojima himself [сценарист оригинала]… While it lies in a box, but the story has already been invented“.

However, it is impossible to take on FF X-3 until the release of all parts of the Final Fantasy VII remake, since Square Enix simply does not have enough people to produce so many games in the series – certain priorities must be set.

The publisher is currently working on at least four Final Fantasy titles – Xvi, a continuation of the remake Vii, further extensions for XIV and experimental Stranger of paradise from the creators of Nioh.

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