SQreen about Lil: “He is a good player, just his behavior bothers him a little”

Khaled sQreen Al Habbash explained why Ilya Lil Ilyuk hard to find a team. In an interview with Cybersport.ru on WePlay! Bukovel Minor 2023 He also shared his opinion on the latest update in Dota 2 and said that a new e-sports project will be launched in Kiev soon.


– What were the fate of the major? Someone, but hardly anyone expected to see you here.

– I myself did not expect to see here, to be honest. He decided to come in the last two days of the tournament. Why? Because there are many friends here, and during this period I was in Kiev. I was in the capital of Ukraine, because a new project is opening, and it’s very large. He will be like Virtus.pro, maybe even more. Without exaggeration.

– Do you take part in it?

“I can’t tell something.” But in general, an innovative approach is planned, the whole town and everything like that.

– Is the project related to e-sports?

– Of course. Tier 1 team, a whole eSports town.

– How do you feel about the latest global patch in Dota 2?

“I’m a captain, so I’m always waiting for a new patch and changes.” I like to be the first to find something new that works better than anything else. For me it’s like a puzzle, conditional chess, in which I find a new working strategy. Recent changes are a plus, you must be able to adapt to them.

“You saw a few minor matches.” Can you name some hidden imba that you found and which other teams do not use and do not see at all?

– I would not say that there is some imba in this patch. They accelerated Dota, it became a more team game due to outposts. Macrocontrol of the card decides. The lane stage and draft, which focuses on the early and middle game, is important, but also does not sag in the late. Due to the belongings that you find in neutral zones, you can quickly cobble and win the game. This helps a lot to support teams that usually don’t farm and have little experience and gold. Now all positions plus or minus equalized.

– Good. Talk about your many teams …

– Mixes.

– Yes, mixes. Let’s say: open qualifications, you know the dates. How long does it take to assemble the squad and prepare for the tournament?

– About mixes. As soon as I know when the tournament is, I immediately begin to write to people with whom I would like to play. And then the composition is going or not going. Well, if before the tournament we have time to play several games together. For example, in the last mix with Rasmus MISERY Philipsen and Ilya Lil Ilyyuk two days the pubs played for the fan and didn’t really train. Another patch was released, and complete chaos occurred. We were finally pulled down in 20 minutes.

– Once mentioned Lil … What is his trouble? Why, in your opinion, can’t he find his team?

– He is a good player, just his behavior bothers him a little. Not that he is toxic in the team … It can be seen that the person is trying and he has a professional approach to his business. The problem is with other players. Perhaps, when he was in Virtus.pro, he made a mistake when he began to behave aggressively towards many players in the CIS. And now these players repay him the same, and not really who wants to play with him. It even looks like me when I was young and hot, often liked to conflict. But I realized that it is better to maintain neutrality than to quarrel.


“Are Dotters so vindictive?”

– Yes but not all. There are people with whom you can normally talk and resolve any issues, but there are those who harbor a grudge against you and will always cheat you on the Internet and say bad things. It can last for years.

– In the CIS, there is a constant lack of high-quality offlainers. Why?

– This position more than others depends on experience, and such players in the CIS who can play at a high level become smaller and smaller every year. Young players are not yet able to fill this vacant place due to lack of experience in this position. Offline is half the macro game. Ofleiner is often the initiator who runs on the map and initiates fights and ganks.

– That is, it is better to start a career not from offline, but from other positions, and then move on to this line?

– Yes, it is better to start with a carry or mid, where personal skill decides more, how well you press buttons, stand a line and so on. The “three” and “four” need more experienced players. Although now the niche of the “fours” has been filled by young players, because it is quite diverse – it can be played in an old-school way, due to experience and good movements, you can kill everyone, but you can strongly dominate the line and drag it through the skill.

Resolut1on switched from the role of mid / carry to offline. Did he adapt well to this position?

– I did not follow him so closely, but overall I saw the picture. Offline is hard for Roman. He was always a type player Amera Miracle- Al Barkawi, which the whole team spacits, and he farms and drags. Now he must do the opposite, and this does not come right away – it takes time, synergy with the team.

– What is the alignment of forces on the CIS stage now?

– Now there is not a favorite in the CIS top-1. Any team that starts to show a stable result can take this place. Now Gambit, Virtus.pro are striving for this … But I would not say that they are so strong that they can not be beaten.