Spooky Queen of Succubus – Cosplay on Lilith from Diablo IV

A cosplayer from China has recreated the image of Lilith from Diablo IV. The girl took as a basis the original art from Blizzard, shown at BlizzCon 2019.

According to cinematics and other Diablo IV material, the Lilith Succubus Queen is the main antagonist of the fourth part. Previously, information about it was published in in-game books and manuscripts, and the image appeared in the official Diablo art book. By laura, the demoness is the mother of the nefalems – the first generation of people in Sanctuary.

Blizzard announced Diablo IV as part of BlizzCon 2019, but did not reveal details about the release date. Community Manager Brandi Nevalistis Camel toldthat the company will issue quarterly reports on how the game is being developed.

Lilith from Diablo IV. Cosplayer: 木 羊 碳. Source: twitter.com/MuyangTan