Spongebob is gay? Netizens are actively discussing the sexual orientation of the cartoon hero

Fans of the cult animated character SpongeBob have been thinking about his sexual orientation for many years, since there were no specific answers to this question in the animated series. Today this topic has again received active discussion.

As part of the celebration of the LGBT Pride month (or the month of pride – celebrated in the West every year in June), the company Nickelodeon noted that she posted on her Twitter page a message with images of three famous characters of her franchises, including the famous SpongeBob. Emoji in the form of a rainbow was attached to the record.

“We are celebrating the Pride with the LGBT community and its supporters this and next months,” the report said.

Korra’s sexual orientation has long been no surprise to fans, as she is known to be bisexual. In turn, Schwartz Schwartz from the television series “Dangerous Henry“was played by a real transgender actor Michael Cohen.

Next to them, the company placed Bob Sponge, which, according to fans, directly indicates his affiliation with LGBT people and confirms old theories. Back in 2002, in an episode of the animated series Sponge Bob and his friend starfish Patrick were shown as a couple raising a scallop.

“SpongeBob is an asexual bio-romantic,” fans write.

“Everyone who is shocked that SpongeBob is gay doesn’t remember this episode,” said another fan.

Nickelodeon did not respond to the fan’s thoughts and closed the comments on his post. SpongeBob’s sexual identity has landed on Twitter.

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