Spider-Man in the Venom Universe was shown in the first trailer of the movie Morbius

The network published the first trailer for the new film “Morbius, a living vampire” with Jared Leto (Jared Leto) in the title role. The movie frames showed Spider-Man from the Universe Marvel, as well as one of the characters in the movie “Spider-Man: Homecoming.”

Sony has released the first teaser trailer for the movie “Morbius” with Jared Leto, Gamebomb.ru reports. The trailer revealed many unexpected surprises, and also clarified the connection of the film “Morbius, a living vampire” with “Venom” and the Marvel cinematic universe. So, in the trailer there was a poster with Spider-Man and the inscription “killer”, and at the very end of the video showed Adrian Thoms, known as the Vulture from the movie “Spider-Man: Homecoming”. Thus, the events of the movie “Morbius” that take place in the Venom universe are also associated with the Marvel cinematic universe and the movie “Avengers Finale”. Probably, in the new agreement, Sony and Disney decided to finally unite all Marvel heroes in one cinema universe.

Most recently, the first image of Jared Lete appeared in the network in the image of a vampire from the first trailer of the movie “Morbius”. According to some information, an actor in the image of a bloodthirsty monster will appear only during the third act. Some insiders point out that Summer in the film “Morbius, the living vampire” most of the time passes in human form. Interestingly, Spider-Man in “Morbius, the Living Vampire”, as well as after “Avengers Finale”, can be presented as a negative character after Mysterio in the film “Spider-Man: Away from Home” revealed his identity and blamed his death. Therefore, on the frames of the movie “Morbius” on the poster with Spider-Man, the inscription “Killer” flaunts.

According to Gamebomb.ru, the release of the movie “Morbius, a living vampire” is scheduled for July 30, 2023. The director of the picture is Daniel Espinosa (Daniel Espinosa), known for the films “Living” and Number 44. “