Spectacular Monkey Queen – Female Cosplay on Monkey King from Dota 2

Model Daria Kravets demonstrated cosplay on Monkey King from Dota 2. The girl showed his female image – Monkey Queen.

The Monkey King in Dota 2 is a hero whose main attribute is agility. The main weapon of the character is a magic staff, and in battle he often uses illusions, deceiving opponents with the help of clones. The cosplayer demonstrated this ability in some photos.

In the current Dota 2 meta, the character is on the 29th line in popularity, according to the Dotabuff portal. Users who choose Monkey King in the match win 48.7% of the time.

Cosplay on Monkey King from Dota 2. Cosplayer: Daria Kravets. Photographer: Sei Shin. Source: vk.com/fishy3