Spare, Strike, Sims!

The Sims 4 begins to have a few years on its back, but the frequency with which additional contents are released does not show signs of diminishing; a formula that not everyone likes but that in terms of variety has proved to be the trump card of this game and that today allows each player,


Sim-maniac or not, to compose his own experience for a game. The last piece arrived is one of the smallest, a stuff pack, entirely dedicated to bowling.

How much do our Sims do with skittles? Let’s find out in the latest expansion dedicated to bowling!


In the hierarchy of The Sims 4 expansions, Serata Bowling is in the “lowest” step being a Stuff Pack: the object packages in fact introduce elements both in the Buy and Build modes and in Create a Sim without adding significant variations of gameplay, and com ‘it is easy to understand the main theme of this package is obviously bowling. The highlight among the 55


elements available is undoubtedly the bowling alley, which can be found in the “Activities and skills” section in both the “recreation” and “physical activity” sub-category ; the object by its nature is a bit cumbersome, to be precise fifteen boxes for three, but each single track can be placed side by side without losing space in the middle and thus creating a

Spare, Strike, Sims!
Spare, Strike, Sims!

The track can also be inserted both a residential and a common lot, an excellent activity both for an evening away from home that a luxurious whim to be shown in a villa or an attic in San Myshuno. Although this object can be placed in any type of lot without restrictions,

Sims spontaneous groups will be formed around the slopes only under certain conditions,or inserting at least two tracks in meeting places such as bars, night clubs or lounge bars. Once you have positioned the item in the lot you will be able to select four different options: “play bowling”, for a solo game ideal for training, “play together” to play with your group of friends and


“invite to play” that once selected, it will open the corresponding drop-down to allow us to select the other Sims to be invited. The fourth menu item, which differs from the others because it does not concern the social sphere “is” Activate lunar bowling “, an option that changes the color of the track from a simple wooden track with a futuristic and colored marker with lights fluorescent led;


This change of look is perfect for all environments that can be visited both day and night so that you can change the entire atmosphere of the room in just one click, even if within a community lot it can only be activated at specific times, shown in the object description. As we all know, our Sims have to practice and learn a lot before mastering a particular skill perfectly and bowling is no exception,

so it will take a lot of training before becoming a professional: so, similarly to what happens for other different objects, when the Our Sims will play bowling both alone and in company, their Plumbob will turn into the usual progress bar. Other nice little details of this object are the scoreboards,


the automatic banks for children: the Simmini in fact will have fun playing bowling just like the big ones but during their games an automatic bank will be activated which will prevent the balls from ending up in the side channels.