Sony’s summer side job: Dreams creators are looking for VR mode testers – they will be paid 17,500 rubles

Studio Media molecule keeps big plans for Dreams and plans to develop his sandbox for many years. One of the points, in particular, is the addition of helmet support to the game Playstation VR.

Developers have been working on virtual reality mode for a long time and, it seems, are already close to release. Now Media Molecule is looking for volunteers willing to help her test VR functions before launching them. Moreover, those who apply and join the ranks of testers will receive a reward of £ 200 for help (~17,500 rubles).

The process itself will be divided into three stages and will be held from June 2 to 19. First, the participants will have an hour-long introductory session by video link, after which the testing itself will begin, during which users will have to share with the developers short reports on their experience every couple of days. At the end, Media Molecule will hold a one-hour discussion with each tester and pay a cash reward.

Important: applications will be considered only among persons of full age and living in Europe. All participants will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Dreams is available exclusively on the PlayStation 4. Read our review here..

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