Sony Breaks Silence and Explains MLB The Show 21 Adding to Xbox Game Pass

A few days ago, Microsoft announced that the baseball simulator MLB The Show 21 from Playstation studios from the first day of release will appear in the subscription Xbox Game Pass… This move was met with huge hype on the network, since on its own consoles Sony did not add the game to either PS Plus or PS Now, leaving users with the only option to buy the new product at full price.

Many disappointed PlayStation fans have demanded an explanation from Sony, and the company released an official statement today. In a comment for Inverse, she confirmed that the decision to release MLB The Show 21 in Game Pass was made directly at MLBwho owns a baseball league license

“As part of this year’s game release, MLB has made the decision to bring the franchise to more gamers and baseball fans. The move provides a unique opportunity to further develop MLB The Show as the premier baseball video game brand,” a Sony spokesperson said.

The MLB The Show lineup started in 2006 and remained exclusive to PlayStation platforms, but in 2019 Sony had to comply with MLB’s requirement for a multi-platform release of the series as part of its multi-year license renewal with the league. The release of the game in 2023 marks the first time that a project from Sony is released on the consoles of its main competitor, Microsoft.

At the same time, according to experts, the appearance of MLB The Show on Xbox consoles is unlikely to affect future PlayStation exclusives. Chief analyst Omdia Georgy Dzhidzhiashvili considers this to be a unique case in which the licensee forced Sony to take such a step. Research Director Ampere Analysis Harding Rolls Pier also believes that the company will not take this into a habit, but the release of MLB The Show 21 will be a watershed moment anyway, as Sony’s game first appears on Xbox Game Pass.

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