Sonic with a new face in the trailer “Sonic in the movie” saw a secret gift and cried

The famous Sonic the Hedgehog from the movie Sonic the Hedgehog first got a new face due to criticism from fans, and now he has revealed yet another change in his next trailer for the film from the Paramount Pictures film company.

The network has a new television advertisement for the film “Sonic in the movie”, reports In a 20-second video, viewers were shown several new frames from the upcoming action. In one scene, a girl gives Sonic new shoes. The hero touchingly accepts the gift. After that, the hedgehog praises the received red sneakers and tests them in business. Fans of the cult character were surprised. In all the scenes of the movie “Sonic in the cinema” already shown, the hero appeared in these shoes. It is not yet clear why and at what point in the plot the girl makes a present.

Fans of the hedgehog Sonic began to speculate around his new sneakers, according to Some fans believe that the trailers have not yet shown the hero from the very beginning of the film “Sonic in the movie.” There he should appear in another shoe, which he will erase during his very fast runs or in one of the first battles with Dr. Eggman. Others believe that the scene with the girl will be one of the first in the plot. One of these shows in the video. Jim Carrey (Jim Carrey) in the image of a mad scientist controls a futuristic aircraft with a huge number of missiles, from which Sonic instantly evades.

The film “Sonic in the cinema” will be released in world distribution on February 14, 2023. The Russian premiere is scheduled for February 20. Initially, the release of the film was expected in early November. However, fans criticized Sonic’s appearance in the first trailer. Paramount Pictures had to send the painting for processing in order to bring the image of the hedgehog closer to its animation and game version.