Sonic Forces

People asked for a new Sonic

The first thing we have to say is that Forces stays in line with that seen in Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations and Sonic Lost World ; for our taste much closer to the latter both by the design of the levels at the conceptual level and by the position that usua


lly takes the camera in the three-dimensional phases, which are fairly balanced in relation to the two-dimensional. In total, we have 30 main levels plus many secrets, but for some reason most do not reach three minutes in length, a missed opportunity as it is a delivery for after dinner, with all that that entails. We could say that duration i


s not important; Of course it is not the most important if the design is exquisite, if you invite us to complete it again and again to discover the location of the hidden red stars. But the truth is that some errors in the design of the levels give us little incentive to repeat.

Putting things in context, once again Eggman has returned with an evil plan that aims to kill everything, but unlike other times, the well-known enemy

of the hedgehog has preferred to kidnap him so that he can see with his own eyes how he ends the world b


efore to finish with him. The fanservice can be felt from the first moment, without practically giving anything of depth to any of the illustrious f


igures that participate in this project. Sonic is the main focus of attention and he is the only one capable of saving the junk … together “the newbie”, that customizable character so controversial and about which so much has been spoken.

Sonic Forces (NSW) screenshot

Infinite is the new rival of Sonic Forces, a character who does not have the charisma of Shadow or Metal Sonic, but who fulfills his role as bad of the m


ovie . This being, capable of altering reality, will be one of the main final bosses, so it is important to choose the skills that we unlock for our personalized character.

Your avatar, a wasted skin

We consider it elementary to dedicate a few minutes to the creation of this one because it is at the beginning where the changes that will aff


ect the development of this avatartranscend . The problem with the approach is that it is an inverted pyramid . Unlike titles where you improve as you go along in the adventure, in Sonic Forces the most transcendent decisions yo


u take at the beginning. Rabbit, wolf, cat, bird, bear, hedgehog, dog … All available breeds affect some of the avatar’s abilities. From there, every time we finish a level we will receive waves of elements for personalization, all of them cosmetics. Was


ted? Of course. And for a very simple reason: in the end the weight falls is the Wispon , the gadget that allows us to make different attacks with the triggers. What could have been a playable breakthrough in the franchise has remained in the anecdote .

sonicforcesavatar2.png screenshot

This installment is actually a skill divided into three parts , a nod to Generations to use classic Sonic, modern and avatar. But coming from Sonic Mania and his excellent control of the character, in the 2D phases of Forces, mistakes are made again in the control by an uncomfortable inertia that prevents falling right where we want; and it is not a problem to use crosshead or joystick, but certain parts of the scenario have not been measured with the precision of previous episodes. It does not reach the discomfort of Lost World, but it is far from Sonic Colors in this sense.

In little more than 3 hours we have seen the final credits , so we have gone on to complete the secret phases, which to our surprise are much better designed and have a slightly higher difficulty than the main phases, with two levels available: Normal and Difficult, the latter is the only one that allows sharing online classifications . But even the secret phases have defects, such as that they last only 40 or 50 seconds , or that they repeat assets and music; they are more complex reinterpretations of previous levels, nothing of “secrets”.

Sonic Forces (NSW) screenshot