Solstice Chronicles: MIA

Survival on Mars
The tried-and-tested build is only dedicated to single-player, but the developers have guaranteed that the final version will also feature a co-operative mode.
In Solstice Chronicles: MIA will  take control of a trained soldier who, assisted by a drone, will have to try to survive invasions of mutant monsters present in various areas and find a way to once again eradicate the virus from the planet.
Our character can carry two types of different weapons, but with shared ammunition; Depending on the weapon used, a certain amount of bullets will be used and, in addition, by recharging our ammunition, we will wipe out any unused strikes.Ammunition is limited in quantity and you have to try to handle it carefully; in our rescue one of four drone skills, Scout.
This skill will send the drone in search of any kind of ammunition and enhancement useful for our research, but there is a contraindication: we will also attract new monsters to the area and the more we go ahead with the more research they will arrive. The new amazing amount of bullets will allow us to easily react to this disadvantage: abusing it remains a practice that is not advisable.
Solstice Chronicles: MIA
We will not be unprepared
The other three skills available are: Bomb that will literally bombard the area where we will place the drone, but will inflict damage if we are not to be particularly careful; Block needed to create a barricade and block a given spawn point; finally “Taunt”, to attract the enemies to a certain point of the map.
 Our character also has specific skills, and we can pick two of them before the start of the game: Auxiliary Rocket consisting of some rockets that will hit anything we will face, including obstacles; Flare, a launcher gun to attract monsters in a certain direction, but less effective than Taunt; Flame Burst, a wave of napalm bombs that will burn whatever it is surrounding; Finally, the Trigger Grenade, a grenade that will be triggered or after a few seconds.
In addition to these capabilities, which can be recharged after finding their ammunition, we can choose another specification from the other four, this time rechargeable automatically after a certain period of time:the Sentry Turret, an automatic turret with 200 ammunition; the Field Safety Zone, explosive bullets that surround the whole area except the center (safe area where we can wait); the Primer Charge, a charge that will create several explosions in the direction you choose; Finally, Cluster Grenade, a cluster bomb that once exploded will create more explosive grenades.
Solstice Chronicles: MIA
They come out of the walls!
The enemies will come from the spawn points that we have already mentioned: their amount will depend on a danger bar placed at the top of the screen. The use of drone skills will increase this particular bar that, when it comes to the maximum, will automatically spawn a lethal and extremely brave boss. 
The game can therefore be extremely demanding, even with the easiest difficulty we can not relax, with the death waiting always around the corner. In case of defeat, we will still have the chance to rescue, sacrificing part of the maximum life, until it will be so little to automatically arrive at the game over and start from the beginning of the level.
Lots of mechanics to consider, which could find a much more articulate response once within the cooperative mode we’ve just written to you.