Cut it here, cut it out there
The mechanics at the base of the game is very simple: on the display of your Switch (or on your TV at your own discretion) is shown in its entirety the area of ​​a level within which our protagonists move. Each has the ability to shred different parts of th
e other, thus changing the shape for the different ends required by the game. You have to get a concave head in order to carry a ball to try to crochet in the shape of a wrench to turn a bolt: the puzzles are quite varied and all are ingenious, to the point that they will definitely give you a twist. A new one we have identified lies in the fact that ther
e are levels where you will spend more time understanding what the game wants you to do than solving the puzzle. In fact, the various challenges are thrown without too much indication, with the characters that find themselves in the gaming area and have to search and experiment to understand what their goal may be.
With this due observation, the design level remains really inspired and valued at a hilarious experience with some more complex challenges that are worth the sort of “boss finals” before unlocking additional levels for your campaign.
Get rid of laughter
Snipperclips  has a double life in itself: what it has to offer if you have a single-player experience and what if you have friends who want to share the experience with you.
The campaign can be copied entirely by itself, with the ability to switch from one character to another (there will be two, the minimum necessary to complete the puzzle) by pressing the button on the screen. The experience is obviously more complicated, since cutting from one to the other is not as agile as interacting with someone else in real time, but still has fun and tear more than a smile.
The moment Snipperclips give the best of it, however, is undoubtedly the one you decide to have fun with your friends: in two the game is stimulating and spurious, in four you will be trampled into a delusion of misunderstanding and phantom theories to solve the proposed puzzles . The fact that the game is completely compatible with
desktop mode makes it even more appealing, despite the small display: in our case, for example, we found ourselves in four, at night, setting up a flat without a television set ‘dawn between one puzzle and the other, and never stop laughing about the situations we found ourselves, for which we did not always feel cut off (which was chilling, ndr ).
Snipperclips: Give us a cut
Once you have selected the multiplayer, you will also have additional single challenges where you will be divided into teams: in four, for example, you will have fun in unlikely basketball games where you have to head the ball to send it to the basket – why not, perhaps shrinking your head to ease the task, or disfiguring the two opponents to keep them from throwing even decent throws.
The SFB Games (a game-level puzzle game based on the interaction between different geometric shapes that can be cut out) has been created by the guys at SFB Games. It works well in the best way, giving the best of itself to multiplayer even if you decide to play the game yourself.