Sniper Elite 3

There was a time when the historical period of the Second World War was recurrent in the world of videogames. So much so that finally the time of the most important war in history ended up saturating the market and since then the number of titles


set in this era has been reduced considerably but, from time to time, some company dares to return to 1942, in this case to the North of Africa to put us in the skin of an elite sniper of the Allied army. Welcome back to the bloodiest war of all time, welcome to Sniper Elite III .

Rebellion , a British studio well known in the world of videogames thanks to titles such as Rogue Warrior or Star Wars Battlefront Elite, are responsible for making this third installment of the saga after having been responsible for the spinoff of zombies of it, called Sniper


Elite Nazi Zombie Army (which has two installments) and Sniper Elite V2 , however, and although Sniper Elite III has improved compared to the second installment of the series, it still has irregular aspects and some failures that we already detected with Previously in Rebellion sniper games.

Sniper Elite 3 (360) Screenshot

Sniper Elite 3 (360) ScreenshotSniper Elite 3 (360) ScreenshotSniper Elite 3 (360) Screenshot

The title begins, as usual in the saga, with the voice over of the protagonist locating us in the Africa campaign of the Second World War, specifically in the city of Tobruk in which the first mission of the game takes place. From that moment we will put ourselves in the


skin of this “sniper” and we will advance from trench to trench and from mission to mission for a campaign that does not have many surprises and that is simply limited to being there and giving us an excuse to go out into the country of battle to distribute bullets.

The task of the missions itself is simple and at the same time quite recurrent, we must go through certain points to meet our objectives, either eliminating the officer on duty, looking for documents, sabotaging with explosives vehicles or artillery pieces …


To achieve this we must to try to go unnoticed to move around the map of each mission that despite being broad and have some alternative paths we still do not leave enough freedom to take some tactic that gets out of the script and finally what we will do is infiltrate and eliminate Silently form our enemies until we reach the objectives in question, preferring to act in most of the occasions in this way to use our powerful rifle,something that is


certainly a failure of the game that incites us to it because of two fundamental factors, the powerful melee weapons that we have (a lethal knife and a silent pistol that easily kills enemies) and the ease that They have the soldiers of the Axis army to detect where our shots come from, however far they may be.

Sniper Elite 3 (360) Screenshot

Therefore the stealth is our best option and the title has quite well executed mechanics in this regard and with good possibilities as the placement of traps or different mines that allow us to cover our backs in case some annoying soldier decided to cross our path . Of course, if walking with care does not work this time the short distance combat with submachine guns like the


MP40 if it is a possibility, given that the moments of shots with weapons other than our sniper rifle have improved considerably with respect to previous deliveries. In fact these moments of game become quite funny and they add missions that, otherwise, could be quite flat for some players despite having some secondary objectives that, sometimes,

Something that does not convince us too much on the other hand is the AI enemy, which is frustrating because it is too good in some aspects and too bad in others counting on a long distance aim worthy of our protagonist of the game with weapons that even should not be effective in the distance as the submachine guns. As we have already said, as soon as we open fire, the enemies


detect our exact position (although we can avoid it in some occasions if we take advantage of some quite strong ambient sounds). However, the soldiers are quite blind when we move in stealth and are sometimes covered in somewhat absurd ways, becoming an easy target for our knife or gun.