Snake Pass

Strip here, stripe it over there
The fact that Snake Pass  makes you dress like the nifty Noodle turns out to be the cross and delight of gaming experience: to move you realistically like a snake, forced to sway here and there and twist it to walk through the heights is an experience unique game that distinguishes the game from any other. On the other side of the coin, however, required non-immediate checks, which will put you in front of a very uneven learning curve.
Once introduced, the game immediately assumes that you master the chances of movement of your alter ego creeping, making you find it more than once with a huge question mark in your head. So it will be time-and, above all, so much patience-to be able to fully control Noodle, to make it climb, twist and stiffen around the right branches to reach the area you were aiming for quite a bit
. Up until then, the gaming experience will walk on the slim line that divides a level design that challenges you to do your best and the most pure frustration: keep in mind if you plan to give the game to some young man with little patience that could throw you behind the controller.
Regardless of its control system, the game does not want to be elementary in any way: for this reason, retrieve the three objects scattered on each level to proceed in the next (and, if you want, all the conceivable collectors here and there ) will require concentration and thought, rather than simply pushing and going for attempts. In case of Poor Noodle Death you will be able to resume from the nearest checkpoint, but know that it usually means also starting a possible climbing between rotating trunks, chickens who are keen to roast your meat and threatening spikes.
Nothing mattered then, but severe levels as they did once, who want to challenge you to be a snake and think like that. Too bad they are just fifteen, and that, despite the possibility of repeating them to address even the time attack, there is the risk that fully mastered the controls when most of the internships will have been already completed. Nothing in any case prevents you from trying them out, perhaps to reach those collectors who you had not been able to reach before.
Among other things, it would have been nice to have a map: the levels are never linear and allow you to freely choose which area you want to go.
Although the three objects that you have to collect to continue are highlighted by a light column, you will in some cases unintentionally retry an area already explored or, worse, struggling to find where you need to deposit objects once you will get them. This is not a defect that seriously misleads the gaming experience, but it will still leave you a few minutes in vain waiting to regain orientation.
Snake Pass
Issue of points of view
During our journey to the world of Snake Pass , there are several things we have enjoyed, beyond the originality of the basic concept: artistic direction, for example, is a triumph of color and joy for the eyes, with the models of Noodle and his hummingbird who seem to have just landed from an animated film. It is worth mentioning, among other things, that with the directional keys you can also modify the facial expression of your beloved serpentine, just at LittleBigPlanet , maybe to have fun capturing some screenshots with adorable buff faces.
The unrivaled artistic direction of life brought to life by Unreal Engine 4 also adds a soundtrack and excellent sound, signed by no less than David Wise-you will remember him for sure for his work on Donkey Kong Country  or Battletoads . The songs are really nice and you will never tire of listening to them, not even when you’re at fifty attempts to twist to get where you want to go.