Small Screen: Sequel to Alien: Isolation Launched in Development

Company Disney decided to launch a sequel to the critically acclaimed and gamer horror Alien: Isolation 2… This was reported by the sources of the British portal Small Screen

According to preliminary data, the project is at an early stage of production. The fact is that Disney is only looking for a partner studio, which will be entrusted with the project. However, the script is already being written, and the company has in mind a suitable development team.

Original horror Alien: Isolation was released in October 2014 on consoles and PC. The studio was responsible for its development The creative assembly and publishing SEGA… And in 2019 the publishing house FoxNext released on mobile devices an interim sequel called Alien: Blackout

The main character of Isolation was Amanda Ripleywho is in search of her mother Ellen goes to the station Sevastopolwhere he encounters a xenomorph. In Blackout, the girl helped the crew of the ship USCSS Haldin escape from an alien monster.

In 2019, the film division Fox became part of the Disney company, which now owns the rights to the franchise “Alien“(Alien). Now Mickey Mouse House is engaged in the production of an exclusive series, directors are involved in the project Ridley Scott and Noah Hawley

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