Skylar & Plux: Adventure On Clover Island

The main heroes are made in the title of Skylar and Plax. The first character – a cat who suffers from memory loss and tries to recover his memories. She never for the whole game does not utter a single sound, which greatly complicates the task for the player to empathize with her.

The reason for washing her brain was the desire of a large CRT computer (yes, that’s the main villain) make it a killing machine – for this she even installed a mechanical arm. But Skylar without any problems manage to escape from the space station and land on the nearest planet.

There she meets a crybaby, accompanying her during the entire trip feathered companion. Find more useless companion among the heroes of the three-dimensional platformer will not be easy – it just flies over the head of Skylar, although the plot must indicate her way, as long ago lives here. In fact, he never gives good advice and rushes forward to supporting the road – Plax is only a decoration, communicate by radio with the CRT and commenting on almost everything he sees.

And dialogue Skylar & Pluxjust disgusting. There is nothing worse than non-professional actors to read out the idiotic replica, complete unhumorous jokes. Persistent stuttering periodic sighs swallowed sounds and incessant attempts to cheer up the young audience – all this boring after the first movie. Apparently, their voices the characters presented by the developers, and to accept their lack of experience if you want you can. But surely no one thought that the humor turned out, to put it mildly, unfortunate?

All the actors overplay terribly. CRT turned too mannered and Plax continually trying to encourage Skylar and enthuses about every little thing, but it sounds like an artificially depicting the joy of a schoolboy.

In addition, he occasionally mentions his father, who is about to arrive and take him, so he needs as soon as possible to do away with the co-worker actions and return to the original location. Because of that, how much it irritates already at the first meeting, to empathize with him as hard as Skylar.

When decelerating time environment becomes darker.

The very same project strongly resembles all the other three-dimensional platformers and made just a blueprint.

First, when Skylar trying to leave the space station, its arsenal is limited: a double jump, the ability to quickly spin up (this is useful when two jumps was not enough and we need a third), the ability to cling to a rope for hanging in the air balls and wobble, as well as two basic attacks.

To escape this is enough – think about the security in the event of such situations CRT clearly did not.

On the planet Skylar acquainted not only with the worthless bird, but with a strange creature named Elder, like a thick ghost. By a lucky chance it is on this planet CRT creates outrage – he locked in the cells of the whole folk Lo’a (such as strange ghosts, only smaller) and stole three of the fuse located in the center of the vast mechanism of the island. A couple of the main characters have to find them and return to the place, visiting the three major locations and solving all the puzzles there.

And then it becomes a factor at least some dignity Skylar & Plux – to solve the puzzle fascinating enough, though nothing new to long-time fans of the genre, and not see.

Jump from platform to platform conveniently, it is difficult to miss, despite the fact that the camera periodically begins to live his life. In one scene, you need to rush on the three islands and flying to get from one cliff to another – a fall into the abyss of going back to the beginning and have to repeat all over again.

And the camera literally begins to storm the third platform – it takes off somewhere to the side, which complicates the task of the elementary. There are many such episodes.