“Sky”: Trailer for Russian military drama about pilots in Syria released

Central Partnership has published a trailer for a Russian military drama “Sky“director Igor Kopylov (“Wings of the Empire”, “Rzhev”).

The tape was filmed with the support of the Russian Ministry of Defense and is based on real events that happened to pilots Oleg Peshkov and Konstantin Murakhtin during the counter-terrorist operation in Syria in 2015. The main roles were played Igor Petrenko and Ivan Batarev

Official description:

“In the center of the plot are two main characters – Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Soshnikov and Captain Konstantin Muravyov. Two different characters, two different destinies, which are destined to converge at the Khmeimim military base. During the sortie, Soshnikov’s plane was shot down by a Turkish fighter. This event was covered by all world media outlets. , and the whole of Russia followed the progress of the rescue operation. Soshnikov and the navigator Muravyov managed to eject, but only one of the soldiers was destined to return home alive. “

The film is scheduled to premiere on October 7th.

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