Skulls for the Throne of Skulls! SEGA showed a new trailer for Total War: Warhammer III

As part of an online presentation Warhammer skulls publishing house SEGA and studio studio Creative assembly published a new trailer for the strategy Total War: Warhammer III… In the video, the developers introduced a new playable faction – minions of Khorne

Khorne – God of Blood, Lord of Assassination, Hunter of Souls, who favors the brave and hates the weak. He sits on the Brazen Throne, which rises above the mountain of skulls, and rules the barren lands, through which rivers of blood flow.

The release of Total War: Warhammer III will take place on PC in 2023. In addition, the developers showed a teaser for the add-on. The Silence & The Fury for Total War: Warhammer IIdedicated to the processing of the fraction “Beastmen“.

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