Shift Happens

The main characters are two characters called Bismo and Plom , types that are practically indistinguishable in terms of their appearance and qualities, beyond their different tonality (orange and blue, respectively). One and the other must advance in company


trying to escape first from the laboratory that has endowed them (accidentally) with life and, subsequently, from three other zones (a forest, a canyon and a grotto) that are composed of various levels of short extension … but not for that easy to overcome.


Not at all. Everything is due to the constant presence of puzzles that involve continuous obstacles that must be solved and to which certain doses of platforms are added . A very simple but functional 2D traditional proposal, which has been designed so that two players, both online and locally, can enjoy it.


Bismus and Plom are two gelatinous beings that have the capacity to change size , big and small, duality that becomes one of the basic aspects that this proposal possesses. Yes because it is necessary to go alternating the size of both characters to overcome th


e tests that are bothering us in our primary task in each phase, which is simply to reach the exit door of it. However, it is necessary to make a fundamental point in this regard and that one and the other should always have a different size, so if one of them grows or wanes, the other will experience the opposite process.



Cooperative puzzles

This condition is essential throughout the game because, as you will imagine, depending on their appearance the abilities of these characters are modified. When its size shrinks its speed, capacity of jump and mobility increase, being able also to cr

oss spaces reduced of the scenes. On the other hand, when they get bigger, they lose all these privileges, but in return they are able to move bigger boxes, catch and throw objects (and even their partner) and avoid areas full of water but not too deep.


Shift Happens analysis

The protagonists can change their size at any time by pressing a button. But one must always be small and the other great!

Each of the scenarios that we have to overcome presents a series of relatively varied puzzles (although the basic mechanics of all of them ends u


p repeating) that constantly play with all these conditioning factors. Specific areas of funds that can only be reached by launching our partner through the air, switches that only come into operation when they receive a certain weight, areas that can only be traversed if we have a small size and other challenges are the order of the day during this adventure.


Apart from this basic game mechanics, other puzzles play with the physics of the objects that are scattered around the scenes, there are also those in which the synchronization between both players is fundamental, challenges where the pla


tforms acquire a greater protagonism … playable compendium quite suggestive to which is added the possibility of collecting a series of specific items that adds more depth if possible to its development, being a very interesting adventure within its genre … if we play doubles.


Shift Happens PC

To take advantage of the game it is much better to play it in cooperative

The big problem that the game has is that, if we decide to play on our own, the gameplay ends up being too much stuck. In the individual g

ame mode that also presents the title the fact of having to alternate the control of one character and another to overcome every puzzle that is
presented to us, however simple it may be, causes us to end up getting fed up with this trade-off in the medium term. constant between prot
agonists. Sometimes it is more difficult to resolve several situations that the title raises in its individual facet for this reason rather than the difficulty of the challenge itself. Not that it is unplayable if we advance alone, but lose a lot of interest and the fun goes down several integers.


Shift Happens

Physics is fundamental to overcome some of the challenges that the game proposes. And it is well reflected.

It is noticeable that this production has been designed with the cooperative factor in mind and, from that point of view, it is a very well taken and quite palatable adventure, which also guarantees about 6 or 8 hours … although that depends on how fast What do you do with the resolution of each puzzle?


As for its technical aspect, the Unity engine has allowed developers to develop scenarios and characters for nothing complex but, on the other hand, they serve perfectly to bring the game to life without too many complications. In my opinion, his


artistic plot could have given more of itself with a more interesting and unique design despite its simplicity, since it is a title without too much personality in this section. And the sound follows a similar path, with functional effects and melodies that hardly add anything to the gaming experience.