Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments

I am sincerely sorry for the people who will dismantle the bones of “Crime and Punishment.” If you turn and look at the bore Crimes & Punishments critical glance, yes, of course,

Sherlock Holmes does not deserve evaluation in 8 points. It is not AAA, not an expensive blockbuster where all calibrated to the smallest pixel.

Let’s be honest, the game is full of irregularities: the door is still open by themselves, the fire unsuspecting Englishmen lit 24 hours a day,

Holmes himself in the best traditions of circus magician pulls into the bottomless pockets of everything – chairs, whaling harpoons, pots carnivorous plants … in a word, nuances, for which you can hang on, and to the nines smash game – weight.

Another thing is that the Crimes & Punishments obviously done without sight for people with a monocle. And that’s why.

“Crime and Punishment” is the first game for the fans. Ukrainians are very carefully treated to the original and with remarkable thoroughness recreate the environment in which lived the famous detective. Apartment on Baker Street – a real museum named Holmes.

The creators have taken into account every detail: on the ground and bullet holes in the wall ( “Rite House Musgrave”), and

“Treatise on the different varieties of tobacco” (mentioned in the “Sign of Four”), and the pattern of “dancing men” pinned just above the table detective .

And I’m not even talking about the required attributes such as violin, boxing gloves, branded caps a la Vasily Livanov (he, by the way, the voice of Sherlock’s first studio games) and collection pipes.

Not without its amusing references. For example, in the British archives you will find an article entitled as “Three ways to survive the fall from the waterfall” (the finale of “The Last Holmes case”).

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The Crimes & Punishments you visit the most picturesque places in London.

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Do not forget about the fans and authors of their stories: the characters are casually mentioned events Jack the Ripper, and The Awakened, and in the window opposite your home looms fatso Danny, familiar to all fans of Frogwares games.

It is evident that the developers truly love Holmes, worn with every detail and almost winking at the screen: “Well, you understand what we do?

” While on Crimes & Punishments fan service does not lose in self-sufficiency. You had never seen previous editions? Nothing wrong! The new SH – the best entry point for exploring the series.

Especially that last “Sherlock” is not directly related with the previous parts, and the format has changed. “Crime and Punishment” offer 6 individual scenes instead of one long history, as it was before.

Now the game has become even more strongly resemble the original, because the main part of Holmes works make it short stories.

This format allowed to show a variety of locations (where we will visit not only from the British wilderness to the Roman baths and the archaeological site) and increased the number of independent scenes.

It feels like the show looked great (for cold dialogues Holmes and Mycroft is a pleasure to watch), but unlike a virtual adaptation of

“The Walking Dead” here should not just tapping the QTE, but also to play. And think. Thinking a lot.

For the first time in the history of “Sherlock” we do not simply observe the actions of Holmes as if from outside, we are in his head. This “Crime and Punishment” reminiscent of Batman: Arkham Origins.

Scary thought, but it was in the “Annals” We first showed Betsy as the detective – thanks to supercomputers Dark Knight recreated the chain of events and unravel the complex case (for example, the program helped him to calculate which should be flown away in the direction of evidence).

We have seen with my own eyes how the Night Avenger builds a theory, we knew on which to base its conclusions.

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Get ready now, we’ll throw a harpoon.

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Crimes & Punishments follow the same path, and focuses on the thought processes of Sherlock. Have you always wondered how to manage the detective at a glance to know everything about a person?

In “Crime and Punishment” for it made a special button: during a call, you can view the source, notice the details of his clothes, the different physical characteristics and to draw the appropriate conclusions. Simple mechanics, which, however, works a hundred percent – more you start to associate themselves with Holmes.