Together cheerfully

about that new game Frozenbyte created in a terrible hurry, spoke not just the developers themselves. Therefore, since the announcement before the final version took less than six months.

It is not known how bad the studio’s financial position, but the emergence of Shadwen in its current form indicates despair and desire to survive in the market. Although we are happy with the result, called the game “a real stealth” and did not seem to see it as no flaws.

In fact ShadwenIt is the most boring stealth-action, which would not hurt to go to start in the “early access» Steam and cook it for about a year. But the creators have decided to offer the audience the raw version, which take place – sheer torture.

Although interesting ideas in the game is still there, they are not visible under a pile of thrown into the minuses eyes.

The game tells the story of Shodven – girl hired to kill the king. On the way to the castle character notices the girl Lily, that the guard was about to be arrested for stealing an apple falling from a tree.

The child must be protected and saved, but how? And then there is the first moral choice: to kill a person performs his work in front of the girls, or somehow distract the guard so as not to injure the child’s mind? And to make these decisions will have on every step.

Let us not try to understand the storylineShadwen – the story loses all meaning, when, due to persistence of girls assassins takes with him a witness, rather than to deny and go about their business.

Will tolerate absurdity event and for a child to carry, clearing the path and running from one point to another for nearly two dozen levels. The ending will depend on how many people Shodven stabbed in the presence of Lily – the game allows the killing of several guards, but if their number is large, the final change.

Sometimes the game looks nice, but that its advantages end there.

Something similar to the local gameplay of The of Last of Us . Instead, men are pretty girl with a long braid, and instead of Ellie – annoying girl, unable to fend for themselves.

All work is carried out Shodven: she distracts the guards, and gives the orders, and standing in the way objects move.

Lily also runs from one bush to another, if it no one sees, or reverses and runs in the opposite direction, seeing danger ahead. See or kill her no one can, even if it runs at all in the way, so that to worry about it is not necessary.

Almost every mission you can go without killing, but will have to work hard for it. Sit in the bushes, barrels and crates to move, make noises and entice the enemy to the girl ran forward.

The problem is that the game does not reward for it: the only thing that is changing – the dialogues during loading of the next chapter.

No bonuses, no glasses, no-designed karma system, which somehow have influence on what is happening – there is nothing.

So why try? Dialogues, by the way, too strange if stabbed all Shodven next location will not kill anyone, Lily seemed to forget about what happened before and will not think about all these atrocities.

Lack of motivation

Stealth primitive here as much as possible in bad indie games. By and large, except for hide and seek in the bushes and behind the boxes,Shadwen nothing to offer.

Enemies react quickly to hear their steps, walking from side to side, and immediately raise the alarm after seeing the main character.

The gameplay does not get any development, since all opponents look the same and always carry with them the same crossbows and swords.

For fun can attract to themselves facing each other boxes, so that they fell on the head of an unsuspecting guard, but even that does not give any emotion.

Arsenal is also the heroine initially poor. She wears a dagger, which is capable of killing only from behind or from above, and is able to cling to a rope for wooden beams – developers saying about this feature, remember Zoe from Trine.

However, anything to do with her at Shodven not – if Zoe was grace and elegance, this character moves awkwardly, uncomfortable controlled, and sometimes even spinning around like a top rope due to useless physics.

Over time, the girl learns to create traps and other devices, making flow a little easier. But up to this point it is unlikely someone will reach.