Shadowrun: Dragonfall

Harebrained Schemes wants its star game to last on our teams for a little while longer. To do this, they have designed a new campaign set miles away from emblematic Seattle, the capital par excellence of most shadowrunners’ adventures . Destination: Berlin, a city that after El Cambio has maintained its cultural diversity becoming home to humans, elves, dwarves, orcs and trolls. Far away are the miserable times when the Great Dragon Feuerschwingedevastated


the territory, until it could be defeated in the event that gives its name to the campaign: Dragonfall . Since then, Berlin has been moving in a balanced anarchy – known as ” Flux State ” – that has turned the city into the perfect playground for any shadowrunner wanting to make money quickly.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall (PC) screenshot

As in Shadowrun Returns , we will start the campaign by creating our own character. Originally, it is impossible to reuse what was our protagonist in the previous story: Dead Man’s Switch , although if someone has special interest can use some of the tools that users have created (extremely easy to find if we have the game on Steam , because it makes use of Steam Workshop )


Our shadowrunner is a newcomer in Berlin, but not a newbie in this business. There he met an old companion named Monika Schäfer , a skilled technicianthat does not hesitate to call us to be part of your team during the next assignment. The task, simple in theory, is to


steal some data found in a castle near Berlin. Without too many security guards ahead, the team should not have too many difficulties to get the loot, and get out of there without having noticed too much their presence. You can imagine that, finally, nothing is so easy.

The events that take place during this commission will lead us to an exciting campaign in which the usual commissions and the search for revenge will be mixed, while names that seemed forgotten by Berliners seem to resurface among the darkest and most terrible


corners of memory. We will not tell you more about it, so as not to reveal the plot of a story that may well last a dozen hours in front of the screen. And, by the way, with a development much more entertaining than the original.


Because, although the main plot does not deviate in excess of the marked path, Dragonfall has seen fit to include many more missions around this storyline.


That facilitates a sense of freedom of movement much greater than that offered by Dead Man’s Switch, in which we always had the feeling of inevitably heading towards an outcome that would not take into account our decisions during the game. Some dialogue options will also have some impact on the plot. And we’ll even find winks to the first story.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall (PC) screenshot

The cast of companions during the new plot, is quite diverse. Starting with Monika, the technomante that welcomes us into her team giving rise to the beginning of the story. We continue by Eiger, an orc soldier who is governed by a strict military code, which can put us in trouble when dealing with her. The shaman Dietrich, who supplies his advanced age – being a shadowrunner – with experience and professionalism. We also have Glory, a street samuraiquite hermetic and mysterious,


but in which it is not complicated to trust to keep our backs. Later we will meet other partners, such as Blitz, and important characters or enemies in the plot as Paul Amser, Audran, Green Winters, … A cast full of charismatic protagonists, who help to leave a good memory of this new campaign. Worthy of the imagination of a good game director preparing his Shadowrun sessions .

If you had the opportunity to play Shadowrun Returns , a must if you want to install Dragonfall , this first expansion will not surprise you with its mechanics. There have been hardly any changes in the playable, understandable to the extent that the


game system is what it is: An adaptation of the rules of the role-playing game Shadowrun, moving your dice and character tokens to the screen of our team. Harebrained Schemes has taken into account the complaints of users, one of the most repeated being the impossibility of saving the game during large sections of the game.


With the installation of Dragonfall, the possibility of storing progress is opened almost at any time -except when the plot prevents it for obvious reasons- and also facilitates this option for those who want to enjoy the previous campaign with this functionality. The handling of the game is still very intuitive, any fan of the genre will eventually dominate the control of the character and tactical battles in turn offered by this cyberpunk universe .