Shadow Warrior 2

Pure essence FPS

This generation unfortunately we have some stagnation in the FPS, many of them wanting to bet on a formula too burned or risking too little, giving too much importance to aspects such as narrative or graphics, leaving behind important sections such as



the gameplay or a good combat system, because let’s face it, what really matters in a shooter is to offer something fun. Luckily there are exceptions, there we have Bethesda, offering us the new Doom, one of the best shooters that we have in years, maintaining its original formula but adapting it to the new times. And this is where

Battlefield 1


Flying Wild Hog comes in, creators of the Hard Reset and Shadow Warrior, demonstrating once again that there are certain companies that can


innovate in the shooter genre. Both titles have something in common, and it’s wanting to win the hearts of older players, those who spent endless afternoons killing demons in the mythical Doom or Quake. Flying Wild Hog is a misunderstood company, which only seeks to offer old school experiences, of those you hate or simply love.

With Shadow Warrior 2 we are facing his magnum opus. Launched only temporarily on PC, we are facing one of the best shooters of this generation. Taking the bases of the first delivery, they manage to expand them thanks to an experience with more freedom, more personalization and much more content.


We embody Lo Wang, sicario able to accept any job offered, as long as the reward is generous. Of course this will give him problems, and this time what seemed like a simple rescue of the Yakuza boss’s daughter, becomes a battle where demons, gods and murderers will do whatever it takes to


get away with it. All mixed with a rather black and acid humor, full of references to current society, where more than once we will get a few laughs. We do not want to


reveal much about the story, but without any doubt we are faced with something interesting, full of characters with a certain charisma, and all accompanied with his dose of humor.

Shadow Warrior 2 (PC) screenshot

This time we are facing a more open world, where we can go traveling between different zones and complete both main and secondary missions. It is not a sandbox at all, but they offer much more freedom and a less linear experience. The most striking


thing is that the maps are created procedurally , affecting their structure, climate and time of day. They have also added a vertical touch, which forces


us to move constantly during battles. If as general tonic in most games we find secondary missions little worked and attractive, here is the opposite, we strongly recommend playing them all, because apart from being entertaining, we will get juicy rewards.

Weapons to stop a train

And this is where we find the biggest added, we will have up to more than 70 weapons, from knives to pistols, submachine guns, heavy weapons, rocket launchers, rifles … All totally differentiated and that without any doubt invite us to try and customize them.


As we play, we will obtain gems scattered around the map that will be released by enemies that are more difficult to annihilate or find when opening chests. Each weapon will have up to three slots, where we can incorporate


these gems. With them we can apply certain skills such as changing the shooting mode, apply more damage, get more life … the options are very broad


and without any doubt give more variety to the game. We also have elemental effects: ice, fire, electricity and toxicity. These effects can be applied to both weapons and enemies, the latter being weaker or resistant to certain effects.

Shadow Warrior 2 (PC) screenshot

We can go up in level as we get experience, acquiring new skills applied to combat, the life system and chi, elemental effects, or the dropping of objects in general. The weapons of combat as well as the first delivery play a great role, and their use is just as important as firearms. Through different combinations on the keyboard we will activate certain powers, either


make a 360 degree turn cutting anyone around us, create a cutting effect that will hurt the enemies from a distance, or load the sword in a way that


crosses the enemy. All these skills we had already seen in the previous installment, and its use is still very important in order to face the fighting.

We also have new skills such as making huge spikes out of the ground and immobilizing the enemy. We will have a new mode of fury that will be filled as we


kill, and when activated will provide an increase in damage, speed and health. But not everything is doing harm, it is also possible to heal ourselves if we do not have first-aid kits around us. Much of these skills can be activated with the use of chi , or as many call it, the mana. We can also customize our PJ with medals or armor that will offer us certain advantages.