Shadow Warrior 2

The original already included certain elements of the role adventures that in this sequel have been greatly enhanced. It is


not only that you have many more personalization options at your disposal to configure the special abilities of Lo Wang , it is that now also the weapons respond as if they were a videogame of these characteristics. There are all kinds, in many, with their respective combat statistics: critical damage, attack speed and reload, accuracy, et


c., which can also be improved with great freedom using the hundreds of magical amuletsthat we will find during the game. Do you want explosive


arrows? You can do it A sword capable of electrocuting monsters? Good idea! And how about a grenade launcher with bombs that generate toxic clouds?



A crazy man armed to the teeth

You are free to configure your arsenal as you like, which includes the option to jump to the battlefield with ten knives if you feel more

comfortable … although it is not recommended. And it is not because in this sequel we must take into account the strengths and weaknesses of the enemies: we can run into monsters resistant or even immune to fire, physical blo
ws or other elements of nature; and then others who are vulnerable to these same attacks. Frantic, yes, but also more strategic than the original, Shadow Warrior 2 launches us into a brutal battlefield in which again and again we will change the way we fight, alternating between weapons and thus defeat the enemies more powerful.


Shadow Warrior 2 analysis

The beauty of some scenarios is priceless. Artistically they are great, and their splendor is enhanced by fantastic lighting effects.

This frenzy, the urgency with which the video game takes you to act, is one of the aspects that I like most about Shadow Warrior 2, bu


t it is also part of one of its main flaws: chaos. I love the wave of death and destruction that it generates around you in a matter of seconds; the explosions, the bodies exploding in a thousand pieces, the blood, the shots, clouds of poison … but sometimes that chaos can be excessive. Especially when several enemies come together, each with their stren


gths and weaknesses, and you do not know who you had to hit with the sword of fire, who to shoot with the ice shotgun or whatever. That is not


something serious; although when you enjoy the action at its maximum level of difficulty, it can be somewhat frustrating. More considering that the enemies move at a devilish speed, forcing you to dodge and seek coverage at an extreme level.


Shadow Warrior 2 PC

Frantic, yes, but also more strategic than the original

You will not see me complain about it. It’s more; I was just looking for that. Old school action; a challenging shooting game, which force

s you to react to the attack of dozens of enemies with pinpoint accuracy. On this occasion, in addition, in open , huge scenarios , where hundreds, thousands of monsters wait impatient to hunt us. And this is another detail that, in its way, improves the sensations with the video game. It is not just a matter of space, it is, above all, how
it is used. The levels gain in verticality; you have many more positions from which to attack and protect you from enemies who also know how
to take advantage of the scenarios. It’s true that sometimes artificial intelligenceHe has faults, turning demons into wimps who do not know very well what to do; but as a rule, you will suffer a real hell when several monsters chase you cross-country, avoiding obstacles with the same agility with which you move.


Shadow Warrior 2

There are dozens of weapons to choose from, some legendary, and all can be improved with special effects of the most varied.

Despite the commitment to wider scenarios, almost as if it were an open world , the level design is really good. Amazing, I would say, taking into account the dimensions of these scenarios, in which it would be easy to get lost if there was not a visual guide that would constantly mark the path. Does it bother you? You do not have to follow it. It’s more.


Leaving the established route sometimes can lead you to discover an extremely powerful enemy guarding an even greater treasure, or to get rid of even the odd unwanted confrontation. the stealthIt is important in a video game that, although it keeps the design


of its battlefields intact every time you start a new mission, it does modify the location of the targets, monsters and precious rewards. A good way to increase the replay of a title that shines, especially with its spectacular cooperative multiplayer for four people. We have a lot of vice in the writing of 3DJuegos!