Seth will replenish the roster of characters Street Fighter V: Champion Edition – review

Studio developers Capcom announcedthat list of playable characters Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Seth, the antagonist of the fourth part of the series, who is able to adopt the techniques of his opponents, will replenish.

In the fifth part, Seth received a new body and became a woman, but retained the original voice. The authors note that the character is more a machine than a man, and therefore has never been either a man or a woman. Below you can see the new gameplay video, which shows all the basic techniques of Set.

Seth will join the roster of the fighting game with the release of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. Recall that the new edition includes all the content from the original game and Arcade Edition, including fighters, arenas, and costumes. The release will take place on February 14 on the PS4 and PC.

Finally, along with Seth’s announcement for Street Fighter V, an update came out that corrected the balance and also added new tricks to the game for each character, the arena of Sun Chase Moon and Gill, the final boss of the third part of the series. The new arena and fighter will be included in the full version of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, but they can be purchased separately now.