Seized about quitting NAVI: “I stopped feeling high from the game”

Professional CS: GO Player Denis seized costin talked about the period before leaving Natus vincere and compared the club with other organizations. In an interview with WePlay! he also shared plans for the future.

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Disagreements before leaving NAVI

“It depends on what period to take. Let’s start from the moment Zeus and Kane returned to the team. We had a bootcamp, three tournaments in a row, in which we played so-so. In Malmö, we took the top 8, giving NiP our game due to the fact that right in the match, the team very much cursed among themselves, but not the point. The results were not very good and the last straw was the loss of Vega Squadron at the qualifiers for Epicenter. I stopped feeling the buzz from the game. We came to training as hard labor. Nobody enjoyed it, everyone was cursing and at one moment I was tired of playing CS like that. It seemed that I can get pleasure from the game only after a change of scenery. After another quarrel, he said that I want to leave. And that’s all. ”

About the difference between NAVI and other organizations

“It depends on what you compare it to. At Natus Vincere, the scale is steeper, they can afford more. Vega simply didn’t have the same scale as NAVI. Gambit was comfortable – a cool place for bootcamp, good shape, decent salary. In Runtime, it was interesting: they tried to provide maximum comfort for players despite budget constraints and a short period of existence. I don’t want to offend anyone, so I’ll say this: somewhere you can turn a blind eye to trifles, somewhere more global problems. ”

About plans for the future

“I want to get into the team, I want to play, to engage in my own game development. I don’t want to go anywhere, just to go. Suggestions were, but not at the level that I am counting on. In the good teams of our region there weren’t much rehash, so I’ll sit, train and wait. ”

Kostin began his career in 2010, he performed in such bands as Gambit esports, zNation, Vega Squadron and FlipSid3 Tactics. From 2013 to 2017 he played in a team Natus Vincere, with whom he won several major international tournaments.