SEGA brand owners will merge SEGA Interactive and SEGA Games. Yakuza Director Explained What It Means

Company today SEGA Sammy Holdings announced that in April 2023 there will be a merger of its two divisions – SEGA Interactive and SEGA Games. Branches will merge under the general name Sega. What exactly will happen and why is it needed? SegaNama answered these questions on air Toshihiro Nagoshi (Toshihiro Nagoshi) – Member of the Board of Directors of the company, as well as Executive Director of the series Yakuza.

Companies now called Sega does not exist. At the parent SEGA Sammy Holdings there is a “daughter” SEGA Holdingsconsisting of two already mentioned divisions – SEGA Interactive and SEGA Games:

Interactive engaged in arcade machines and other entertainment products.
Games develops games for PC, consoles and smartphones.

As explained Nagosi, Sega she never focused only on virtual entertainment – she also produced toys and other content. At one time, the company decided to divide the brand into two branches, however, the current changes in the market prompt Sega merge companies. This will allow authors to create new high-quality content.