Seasons after Fall

I have to say that there were no accusations of plagiarism. The first trailer Seasons after Fall from the French studio Swing Swing Submarine was shown as early as 2014, a year before the Ori and the The Blind Forest .

But the developers themselves ( “young and stupid French guys,” as they call themselves) – are not newcomers, who cling to the ideas of others, like a straw. Prior to that, they released two very notable indie puzzle – Blocks That Matter and Tetrobot and Co. 

And mechanics Seasons after Fall is markedly different from the Ori and the Blind Forest– in spite of external similarity of these games.

This is not a full-fledged “metroidveniya” – there is no “pumping” and battles with enemies, traps, and there is practically no no card that would quickly move between locations, wondering where you’ve been and where yet, and that there remains to find.

To return to the territory already open as possible, but there is nothing to do except find memories required by the plot.

“There is no bad weather» 

Seasons the after Fall– this is a classic puzzle-platformer. A key feature – the ability of the main character, a cute little foxes, changed at the discretion of the seasons.

In the autumn of land hits water fountain – switched to the winter, and the fountains turn into a frozen stage, on which you can jump much higher.

If that’s not enough, switch to the spring (water beats above), and then again in the winter. Closed in winter cap mushrooms in the spring and summer open, allowing the jump on them.

And when a lot of water, but the fox does not want to swim, on the contrary, switch to the cold, to run across the ice. According to this principle is built the passage of the game.

More need to use any means of running and flying insects, bugs and seeds. Chanterelle drives them in a certain place, funny yelps or switched to the right time of year, and they break down barriers sprout mushrooms or even turn out to be eaten by some flower. It sounds more complicated than actually play.

Seasons after Fall game review

Each screen is animated in detail and seems to be alive.

Sometimes there are mysteries, when necessary, for example, in the correct sequence yapping on special stones to activate them and open the passage.

Then another will be able to teleport through waterfalls and even fly in the trees, but the principle remains the same. Sometimes it seems that the main puzzle – to understand where to go and how to get to the desired location. Maps because, remember, no. But then there is a branched out system of teleports, and the question is removed.

October Country

Such uniformity of mechanics, as well as the absence of enemies and “pumping” someone might disappoint – especially after the Ori and the The Blind Forest .

But then we must understand that Seasons after Fall– is primarily meditative game, making a bet on the story, atmosphere and wrenching beauty of the surrounding space.

The story itself is not that outstanding. On the contrary, we have seen all these “help the Guardians of Nature to hold an important ritual”, “Release the four stone elements”, and more than once.

But this has its own charm, its atmosphere and intrigue, the main concern with the fate of the most chanterelles – at some point, so to speak, it becomes not very good. And so the final was just so good, you need to collect all the important memories. And in these very foxy fun talking with the Guardians – is for these dialogues should look for them.

But the game itself should run and pass for pictures and music. When you see these autumn landscapes and colors, I want to remember boldins, quoting Ray Bradbury(Ray Bradbury) and writing poetry …

And in its own way perfectly in Seasons after Fall every season. And each is accompanied by a matchless music that specifically for the game written and recorded a string quartet.

It seems that are present at a symphony concert, when even with closed eyes you feel the rhythm of what is happening. Melody and tempo change in the right places, as if the music itself tells the story …

Seasons after Fall game review

The controls are simple and easy, but sometimes fox belatedly reacts to pressing, is responsible for the jump.