Saber Interactive Recruits People to Work on Projects for Nintendo Switch 2

Studio Saber interactive looking for a graphics programmer for his St. Petersburg office who will work on projects for next-generation consoles. The vacancy has traditionally been posted on the portal. Headhunter.

As stated in the description, the person will have to work with the API DirectX12, Vulkan and their console counterparts, as well as DirectX Raytracing, Mesh Shaders, Realtime Global Illumination and Voxel Global Illumination technologies. These skills are necessary to develop a graphics engine for the needs of the studio.

It is also interesting that among the platforms are indicated not only the Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, but also the PS5, Google Stadia and Xbox Next (apparently, we are talking about the Xbox Series X). But attention is drawn to the mention Switch 2. The personnel department does not go into details.

It is possible that the compiler of the questionnaire accidentally talked about plans Nintendobecause Saber Interactive is working on game ports for the hybrid system. However, the studio can simply calculate all the options for further development in case of the announcement of the system in the future.

Saber Interactive is currently working on Crysis remastered.

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