Russian schoolboy spent more than 300 thousand rubles on a mobile game – parents quickly took action

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Russian schoolboy living in the city Noginsk, managed to secretly spend about 320,000 rubles for a shareware mobile project Bleach: Immortal Soulbased on famous manga Bleach… Telegram channel shared information Mash… It is reported that the hero of the news is less than 10 years old.

Wanting to return the money spent on mobile entertainment, the student’s father filed a lawsuit against the company Googleacting as the owner of the platform through which it is distributed Bleach: Immortal Soul… However, the parties came to the settlement of the situation during the pre-trial proceedings. Details were not disclosed, but the family appears to have managed to get the money back.

Stories like this often appear in news reports. So, for example, in the summer we wrote about a schoolboy, who spent almost 20 thousand dollars donating to various streamers from the Twitch platform

The creators of games and services with microtransactions are often accused of not working transparently enough and trying to cash in on people’s misunderstanding of financial systems.

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