Russian gamers will not receive Mass Effect Legendary Edition on discs – the collection will be released only in digital format

Collection Mass Effect Legendary Editionconsisting of updated versions of role-playing games Mass effect, Mass effect 2 and Mass effect 3 studio BioWare, will not be released in Russia on physical media. Relevant information in the comment confirmed the company “SoftClub“representing the publishing house Electronic Arts… The decision was made by mutual agreement of the parties. As a result, Russian gamers will be able to buy the collection on consoles and PCs only in digital format.

“There will be no physical versions in Russia. This was done by mutual decision of the parties based on commercial considerations,” the message says.

The official representative of SoftKlab did not go into details.

According to the publication “Igromania”, the stumbling block was the high purchase cost of physical versions of Mass Effect Legendary Edition – on disks, the publisher would allegedly have to sell the project for 5,499 rubles. This is considered too high a price to pay for a collection of old games for consoles of the outgoing generation.

For the digital version of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, they ask 4,899 rubles for PlayStation 4 and $ 59.99 on Xbox One

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